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Jan 16, 2009 11:11 AM

Fresh World supermarket in Va.Beach - Wow

I haven't seen anything on here about this so I thought I'd post. Went to this place yesterday - it was quite an interesting field trip. It is a mainly Asian and Hispanic grocery in an old Kroger on the corner of Princess Anne Rd. & Lynnhaven Pkwy. I am not that big into Asian cooking but I know a lot of people are and are always looking for ingredients - this is the place to go!!! Their produce is mind-boggling, inexpensive and beautifully displayed. They didn't just have egglplant, they had about 8 kinds and shapes and colors. They have an incredible fish department including tanks with live fish swimming around in them and fish you've never heard of and fish you've heard of (I think Rockfish was about $3.99/lb.). The kids there were mesmerised by the tanks. They had quite an unusual selection of meats too, including goat heads, every part of the pig from the snout to the tail, rabbit, duck (fresh and frozen) and things that I just really don't want to think about what they are! I can't imagine there is much you couldn't find there as far as Asian cooking goes. The Hispanic food aisles, while not as vast, look like they offered many things we can't find around here. Even if you don't need a thing, this is a really cool place to go just for a visit. I understand they are opening one in Newport News soon.

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  1. sounds cool. wish they'd open in richmond!

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      Me, too! Although I cooked Indian last night, and went to Laxmi Palace for the first time (Old Parham Rd near Broad) the other day for some of the ingredients. I loved it! I will go back for produce for sure - some of the lovliest eggplants I've ever seen.

      Thanks for the info, Susan. Sounds like a car trip with ice chest (I've done that many times) may be in order.

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        i always forget about laxmi palace. should go. thanks for the reminder.