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Jan 16, 2009 11:06 AM

Record Breaking Cold- What's The Best Food?

Here in NJ and the East Coast, it is ridiculously cold and the usual turn-to of going out on the weekend and getting grub is becoming passed over for me as I don't want to even leave the house.

Now that I have the barleywines and double IPAs in the fridge for the weather, what food and recipes are best? I think I am going to have to go with some chili and probably some sort of sausage/pepper combination.

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  1. I am making a double batch of paprika chicken breasts -adding some onions. Will have that with mash pot and corn frozen from the summer. Leftovers to make chicken soup for tomorrow. (cold here in the mountains of western MD) Also fighting the cold/flu -so anxious for the soup!

    1. Made this chili last night for the cold snap

      I had an extremely spicy batch of chili powder so I cut the chili powder in half and it's still spicy, well for my Jersey wife, i still add Tabasco.

      1 ½ pounds ground meat
      1 tblsp olive oil
      2 med onions, chopped
      4 cloves garlic, minced
      ¾ tsp salt
      1 tsp ground black pepper
      ½ cup chopped green bell pepper
      ½ cup chopped red bell pepper
      7 tbsp chili powder
      2 tsp garlic powder
      2 tsp onion powder
      1 tsp hot pepper sauce
      2 15oz cans red kidney beans (drained)
      1 15 oz can diced tomatoes
      1 15 oz can tomato sauce
      6 oz beer (1/2 can)
      3 tblsp ground cumin
      1 tblsp Worcestershire

      Cook ground beef in olive oil with onion, garlic, salt and pepper until browned well in large pot. Break up meat as you cook. Drain off fat.
      Add onion bell pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and hot pepper sauce. Continue to cook on low heat for 3 minutes while stirring. After 3 minutes, add the remaining ingredients and gently bring to a boil. Allow to simmer for 15 minutes then turn off heat and allow to cool.
      Reheat when ready to eat. Serve with grated cheese and chopped onions.

      1. Like you alcohol wise we are well prepared with some port, half dozen single malts, and Baileys/Kahlua for hot cocoa.

        Sticking w/the soup/stew theme I made some faux gumbo last night, have some turkey chili in the freezer, plan to make some broccoli soup tonight, and have the makings for chicken noodle soup in the fridge. Hopefully that will get us through the weekend.

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          viperlush: have you tried the godiva chocolate liquer in your hot cocoa? :-) and what flavor single malts, if you would be willing to divulge, please?

          1. re: smalt

            If you haven't checked out the Patron XO (coffee liquor) it is awesome in hot chocolate - or by itself for that matter.

            1. re: Phoo_d

              Thanks for the tip, I just checked the WSLCB site and they do carry Patron XO.....(we don't get Canton ginger liquer to try.....)...

              Also scoped your website, very nice!

              1. re: smalt

                Hey thanks! I've been having a blast putting the site together.
                I read an article in the NY Times awhile back comparing the different coffee liquors and the Patron XO was their favorite. I know tequila and coffee liquor don't seem to go together well but after having tried it (and having also tried Starbucks, Godiva, etc.) I can see why Patron was the favorite.

          2. re: viperlush

            going for drink-ish recs, we've been heating up a good locally pressed unpasteurized apple cider & spiking the hot bev with brandy or cognac. very nice after shoveling duty! :)

          3. looking forward to it getting up to the teens this weekend, when it's in the single digits the (at work) landlord's main boiler is so over-encumbered that it saps the electrical for our kitchen equipment, and we have to make sure not to run the mixer at the same time as the food proc!

            soup it is, made with local (still amazing!) root veggies. for lunch i had a lentil wat, i love lentils in winter. we've been going nuts eating lots of hearty local game. venison stew & chili, wild pheasant wrapped in bacon and cooked in wild rice, bison, braises of pigeon & rabbit. we got our hands on a bona fide, 3 year old, free range farm rooster, so i made the real deal coq au vin last night for dh and myself & it was divine. used hugh fearnley whittingstall's recipe from the (fantastic) MEAT cookbook. i'll suck it up, in dorky mittens, long johns and hat-- to be able to eat this food each winter, it just wouldn't taste as wonderful in balmy weather, you know? :) although i *am* already looking forward to the spring thaw--not only can i put my sweaters away, i'm going to help my mom do sugarbush this year--woohoo!

            and. . . here's my confession: when it's cold, dh and i both seem to have the same craving for a creamy, baked-in-ramekin artichoke dip that's sinfully rich. msp people: you know the one i mean, that you used to get at the loring bar before it closed, that is now ubiquitously on every mid-range indie menu around town? uh, so we've been eating a lot of ooey gooey baked artichoke calorie-bombs, and i've resolved to make my own version tonight even though we just ate some (ordered in) a couple days ago ;)

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              Will you please share your recipe for lentil wat? That sounds lovely...

              1. re: Vetter

                unfortunately i did not make that particular lentil wat, i bought it as a deli item at my co-op. again unfortunately, i found it to be on the underseasoned side & had to perform a quick fix w some toasted spices & other pantry ingredients to make it more palatable :(

                what i really *should* have done is made Cay's lentil wat recipe from this thread:
                & that's what i'll do next time! :)

            2. Over the last few days, it seems I can't get enough hot liquids. Lentil stew with pancetta; meat tortellini in beef brodo; chicken soup with vegetables; tomato soup with rice; hot chocolate; oatmeal with plenty of hot milk and brown sugar...
              Red wine with everything else.