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Jan 16, 2009 10:34 AM

DC: C-town places with intestine/stomach dishes other than Full Kee?

Coming to DC for one day on the 30th and looking for C-town tripe and such-like. On my last trip I went to Full Kee and loved it but would love to discover other places. Any ideas?

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  1. someone mentioned occasionally finding it as a special at Sichuan Pavilion, but I think they had to ask. 18th and K NW. they also have a cheaper counter in the food court downstairs.

    1. Jackey Cafe at 611H St., NW a block away from Full Key. Cantonese. Large menu. They will have at least one intestine and one tripe dish. This is a very solid place.

      Chili squid, clams in broth are both very good dishes.