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Jan 16, 2009 10:23 AM

Best sandwiches in Bellingham?

Hot or cold... Where do you go and what do you get?

We've tried Old World Deli (fairly tasty but quite pricey), Bagelry (all components are good - except liverwurst which sorely needed salt - but I prefer sandwiches on non-bagel bread), Pita Pit (pretty decent for a chain), La Fiamma burger (it's a sandwich! - but only so-so on the patty itself), and burritos at Casa que Pasa and Bandito's (both a sore disappointment after southern cal).

How are the sandwiches at Mama Nonas? Bayou on Bay? Port of Subs? Avenue Bread? Anywhere else I'm missing?

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  1. harris ave cafe (name?) in Fairhaven had amazing looking and sounding sandwiches on the brunch and lunch menu- The house soup or homemade fries that accompany it look delicious as well.

    1. The sandwiches at Avenue Bread are very tasty. When I worked downtown I would buy one planning to eat only half and save the rest for the next day, but I always ended up eating the entire thing. La Vie En Rose also makes a darn good sandwich. I never go for lunch, but I wonder if the Mount Bakery has sandwiches. If they do, you can bet that they'd be good. I just peeked at their menu online and they do have sandwiches.

      All three of these places are not cheap, but they are good. Offering fresh, local ingredients and bread baked on the premises. Avenue Bread is probably the lowest price among them.

      I dont' eat meat, so there are lots of items I can't offer an opinion on. But, the veg menu items at Bayou on Bay are quite good, so I bet they'd have a good Po' Boy or something similar. Wonder if the Memphis BBQ place, across from the RE Store in the Fountain district does a pulled pork sandwich?

      I don't frequent Fairhaven often, but the restaurant that shares space with Tony's, it is Harris Ave. Cafe(?), has some good sandwiches. And, the Book Fare above Village Books might, as well. I'm not a big Colophon fan, but others like it.

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        The BBQ place is terrible. We went a few weeks ago. I had brisket and so had pulled pork. Both soul-less. The pulled pork sandwich he had at Boundary Bay a few days ago was head and shoulders better.

        But I will give the bakeries a shot. Thank you.

      2. Head to Avenue Bread ASAP!!! They have a location in Fairhaven as well as the original downtown. When I was a very thrifty college student those sandwiches were one of the few items I would spend my (very few) dining dollars on. Now that I have graduated and moved to Seattle, Avenue Bread and Sirena Gelato (in Fairhaven) are the two places I always try to hit when I am in town!

        1. La fiama has OK chicken paninis.

          If you like meat, Davinci's has by far the best cheesesteaks.

          Try the double meat cheesesteak on wheat with half teriyaki and hot sauce.

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          1. re: Inferno

            That sounds traditional :)
            Where are they?