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Jan 16, 2009 10:08 AM

Dinner After Matinee for Mom and Teen Daughter

I am coming from Philly with my 16 year old daughter to NYC this weekend. We are looking for a good casual choice for dinner after the Sunday matinee of Equus at the Broadhurst Theater on 44th st. We are open to all cuisines and seeking a moderate price range ($20-25 entrees?)

I've looked at some of the recent posts and am leaning toward Marseille. Any other ideas, that might have a special appeal for teen daughter?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. You are leaning in the right direction. The food at Marseille is very good, and I think the bright, bustling brasserie setting will appeal to both you and your daughter.

    Enjoy the show and Bon Appetit!

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    1. Angus McIndoe! Very good, theatrically oriented, cute,, good service, 3 story restaurant, on West 44th st., across frOM pHANTOM. (oWNED partly, I believe by M. Broderick, and Nathan Lane). Always good eclectic menu for everyone and lively atmosphere. You may even see some of your fave actors, Ck it out!)

      However, the very best DRINKS, food and scene can be found at the fantastic "Hell's Kitchen", on Ninth Ave., between 46-47. To die for drinks/apps, shrimp entree fantastique. Always need a reservation. Reasonable. Check their website,
      Nuevo Latino (definitely NOT the slop at other places) -- this is a fusiony artistic, flavorful delight.

      Desserts next door at KYOTOFU! In the WHITE ROOM, Your daughter will love it. Very Trendy and delish.

      Let me know what you think if you go there.

      btw, I like Marseille and Nizza, too.

      1. My teenaged daughter likes Marseille ( and Equus!) but you may want to consider 5 Napkin. Not only do they have different burgers ( including Veggie and Turkey) but sushi as well. The S'mores shake is allegedly amazing. The atmosphere is more bustling than Marseille.

        1. We went to was a bit of a mixed bag...the pluses: Lovely, warm inviting bistro, excellent and quick service, nice wines by the glass, and convenient to the theater. The minuses: maybe we ordered all the wrong things, but the food was only OK...the best item we ordered was the mediterranean chopped salad; the soup au pistou which was lacking flavor and full of mushy veggies; veal rollatini..the less said the better; cod wrapped in bacon over a bed of leeks in a mustard sauce, was actually very tasty though the fish was just a shade overdone...It was not a total loss we had a very pleasant time but decided to eat dessert elsewhere...went back uptown and had frozen yogurts at PinkBerry!! Thanks for your recs though next time we'll try someplace else.