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Jan 16, 2009 10:00 AM

Tarry Lodge menu..........

We are going to Tarry Lodge for dinner tonight.

I looked at the menu and there are so many things I want to try and it;s just going to be myself and my husband for dinner.

Do you think it will be too much food if my husband and I

each ordered an app and shared (I want to try the burrata)
split either a pasta dish or split the clam pizza that everyone raves about
each ordered an entree

I am not sure how big the portions are.

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  1. skip the entree, or at most split one entree, order all the other items

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    1. re: intrepid

      ok- thanks intrepid. I am really intrigued by the clam pizza. I think my husband is really going to like it.

    2. The appetizers are small, the pasta size is average, the pizzas are six large slices. The speck, tallegio, radicchio and olive pizza is excellent. The linguine with clams is outstanding, and the fussuli crazy bastard is also very good. The burrata is good, but not as creamy as I've had elsewhere. On the appetizer side, the blood orange and fennel and the octopus were both good. I would share two or three appetizers, a pasta, a pizza and order at least one vegetable (the brussels sprouts and broccoli rabe are both outstanding.)
      If you're a wine drinker, the least expensive (Joe's red) is drinkable and I don't think there's a need to spend more with this type of food.

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        I don't mean this to sound argumentative, but it probably will: I thought the pasta sizes were on the smallish side (fine when trying several dishes), certainly not the gigantic portions served in some restaurants, and, at least on the day we were there, two of the pastas our table of four ordered (including the clam) were very salty. Since I've only been once, I don't know if this is standard or just a temporary problem. The pizzas are not teeny but also not as large as in the standard pizzeria. The others in my group were not particularly adventurous and didn't want to try some of the (to me) more interesting combo pizzas, but we did have the spicy salami and crispy mushroom one (basically, a more refined and less greasy pepperoni and mushroom version,) which I liked a lot.

      2. The portions are not large, doberlady.

        I was there with three people and we split three (or four) appetizers. And the clam pizza was one of the appetizers.

        I had another pizza for my meal (the clam is hands down the best appetizer there) and my friends had pasta dishes. They were decent portions.

        We also had dessert and coffee.

        I agree with intrepid, skip the entrees and split a number of appetizers and the clam pizza and perhaps a pasta (you can always take it home).

        Enjoy. Their Manhattan is very good, by the way.

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        1. re: dolores

          Thanks for the drink tip as we are not really wine drinkers. I think I will try the Manhattan

        2. I thought the pasta portion size was fine but it was lunch. For lunch, a friend and I split a clam pizza - wonderful - reasonable size neither large nor small; the fusilli crazy bastard - very good. We also had two of the antipasti - the beets agrodolce - very good despite a bit too much oil and the caponata which was over salted and would otherwise have been excellent. We left comfortably sated not overly full but not hungry either.

          Saw some other pizzas going to other tables and all looked yummy. For dinner, I'd definitely do at least a couple of antipasti, one or two pizzas and a pasta or one pizza two pastas or if you can't decide - two of each and take home left overs.

          1. Here's jfood review from a couple of months ago:

            Add the Jfoods to the list of people who are not rushing back to Tarry Lodge.

            M&M Jfood and friends finally secured a table at Tarry Lodge and were looking forward to enjoying this new addition to the dining scene in Portchester. Since it is a 25-minute drive, they were hoping for good food in a nice setting. They arrived promptly for their reservation, were brought upstairs to a nice table and settled in for the evening. Coats were removed tableside and it was a perfect start to the evening.

            The decorations in the upstairs room are from the minimalist school. The walls are bare and there are no window treatments, therefore there are no soft surfaces to absorb any of the table conversations. And as others have mentioned, the volume level does peak, especially as tables enter round 2-3 in the wine. The energy of the room makes for a great experience. The walls are painted in a relaxing yellow-gold; the wainscoting has a “distressed” feel giving the impression the restaurant is older than six weeks. It is extremely well done and the room is very pretty. Tables are a little close together (not disturbing from a conversation POV) but the servers had a difficult time if they were approaching from different directions down the center aisle.

            The menu was presented (as it appears on line) and the server did a nice job of explaining the geography of the various sections. The table discussed the various choices. Finally the order included the salad with apples and Gorgonzola (one lightly dressed; the other SOS) and gnocchi with braised oxtail for appetizers and the two skirt steaks, one medium (yes medium), the other medium rare, the guinea hen and the osso buco for entrées.

            Appetizers –
            -The gnocchi was the winner of the evening but still had a few minor issues. The gnocchi were absolutely perfect, soft, puffy, and the flavors of the oxtail were divine. The braised oxtail was perfectly cooked to the point of fall apart in your mouth but still maintained the integrity of the meat. Unfortunately there was still a piece of bone (it does hurt when you bite on one) and some gristle on a few of the pieces and this detracted from the overall experience.
            -The salads were also less than perfect. The one that was ordered lightly dressed had too much dressing and the dressing on the side was way too acidic. The friends would have also preferred more Gorgonzola and the apples and the dressing fought with it other.

            Entrees –
            - The osso buco was good but not great. It was a nice sized piece and the fregula is basically Israeli cous cous. The meat was braised very nicely and was tender in certain places while having a nice bite in others. The sauce was a little too “tomatoey” in Jfood's opinion and the kitchen added a nice touch by placing slivers of lemon zest on top versus the traditional gremolata and that added a nice level of acid to the dish. This was the best of the entrees.
            -The one skirt steak that was ordered med-rare was served very rare and the medium was served almost well-done. The flavors of the marinade and seasoning also fought with meat. Neither really enjoyed their entrees.
            - If you order the hen Jfood recommends that you tell the server to tell the kitchen to cook it through. The one that arrived at Jfood's table was extremely rare, and some may call it undercooked, to the point of the juices were still running red. The person who ordered this also said the flavors did nothing and asked others to try. Everyone agreed that, like the skirt steak, the flavors overwhelmed the chicken and it was not well received.
            - Basic comment on the entrees were too vinegary or citrusy.

            Dessert –
            The table was not interested at this point in ordering dessert, although many tables around them did and they looked good. In fact the table had to laugh when one of Jfood's friends mentioned that the pizzas looked so good, maybe they should order a couple for dessert. Finally the waitress insisted that it would be on the house due to the other mis-haps. Only Jfood ordered and he asked if the dulce gelato could be substituted for the pistachio on the chocolate cake since he is allergic to nuts. Cake was fair and Jfood's gelato came in a dish versus the other nice presentations.

            Service –
            The FOH was excellent. They have tons of staff working the tables. The MOD (a bearded gentleman) was hovering around the room, stopping at tables and answering lots of questions. The server knew the menu cold, she recommended the table around some allergies and the runners were on the money. They should be complimented.

            If you do try this place, Jfood recommends trying the pastas and pizzas until they can reduce the volatility in the entrees. So the FOH in Jfood's visits gets high marks while the kitchen will lead to Jfood not rushing back by any stretch.

            As well as the link to a fairly interesting debate:


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            1. re: jfood

              We went to Tarry Lodge last Friday night. I got reservations the same day and I think the 2 degree weather helped.

              We were seated as soon as we walked in the door to a very nice area a few steps up overlooking the bar. Our waiter (a large very friendly guy) came right over to see what water we would like and presented us with menus and promptly left. We sat for a long time before he came to get our drink order. I asked what kind of flavored vodka they had and it seemed this annoyed him when I asked what brand of a particular flavor that I wanted. If I am paying for a drink is it too much to ask the brand of something I would like? He went down to ask the bartender and they had a little chuckle and it made me feel uncomfortable.

              burrata with root salad- was 2 smallish pieces and the cheese was way to cold. I have been wanting to try this cheese and I think I will try it somewhere else. The root salad was good.

              Octopus with potatoes- I do not eat octopus but I did see huge fresh pieces. I tried the potatoes and they were very bland in too much oil. The dish was screaming for salt.

              Prosciutto- nice presentation on a wooden board. Delicious and plentiful. Much bigger serving then I thought it would be.

              Clam pizza- Loved loved the tiny clams. They were delicious. I was disappointed that the pizza itself had no clam flavor. Was great anyway. The crust was wonderful and crispy. I would order again for sure.

              Garganelli with Funghi Trifolati: Hubby had that and the pasta was delicious. Full of mushrooms.

              Short Rib- Can't remember exactly what it was called but it came over soft polenta. Very large short rib that was sooooooo delicious.

              I wanted an order of rapini and the waiter kept pushing me to order the brussels. I kept insisting I wanted the rapini and it got so weird with him insisting that I ordered the brussels. I made them that way all the time and they were a little undercooked for my liking.

              We had a really nice time and we were not rushed in anyway. I liked the vibe of the restaurant and really liked the section we were seated in.

              My only complaint was feeling like I was forced into ordering something but that is TOTALLY my fault and we waited way too long for drink orders and we had to flag him down for another round.

              Our total bill was $124 and that included 4 mixed drinks.

              I am looking forward to taking my parents there for dinner.