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Jan 16, 2009 09:57 AM

KC - Wine Shops

I am desperately trying to identify a good wine shop in the KC area that's reasonably close to the Brookside area. Right now I buy the majority of my wine from the Consentino's grocery store in Brookside, which has a good selection/prices for being a grocery store. I've been to other liquor stores in the area without much success. Here are my thoughts on the places I've been:

Berbiglia - terrible for anything other than low-quality beer
Rimann Liquor - decent, but small selection
Westport Liquor - Good beer selection, but horrible wine selection
Metcalf Liquor - decent, but small selection
Lukas Liquor - Great beer selection and probably the best overall wine selection I've seen in the area
Costco - Actually a great place for wine at great prices, but a limited selection
HyVee Liquor - Great beer selection, but very limited wine selection

What I'm trying to figure out is if my current Lukas Liquor/Consentinos/Costco combination is the best I can do when shopping for wine in this area. I am particularly interested in shops that don't focus so heavily on California wines (all the places I've mentioned are guilty of this in my mind).

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  1. Cellar rat is a good wine shop you should check out. Its on baltimore and 17th.

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      Oh yeah, I've been there too. Seemed a bit pricey and, again, with a limited selection.

    2. Try Gomer's Midtown at 39th & Broadway. Very helpful staff & good selection.
      Also don't miss the wine tastings on Fridays at CVS at 75th & Wornall. Get on their mailing list. Yes, the CVS, it's pretty amazing.

      1. Its a little out of your neighborhood, but Red X in Riverside is well worth the drive. They have a great selection (lots of non-California choices) and the best prices in town by far (better than even Sam's or Costco). It is a very funky liquor store/grocery store/tobacco shop/hardware store and certainly nothing to look at, but it really can't be beat for wine. And if you are looking for something in particular that they don't carry, they will order it for you.

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          I second the Red X. Unique in the universe.

        2. Theres a great shop right in Brookside....Wine. @ 112 W 63rd. 816-444-2444

          1. i do most of my wine shopping at price chopper or costentino's in brookside, cvs and costco. i can't believe anyone shops at berbiglia - their selection and prices are horrific. hy-vee is OK. i'd also suggest the new wine shop where cellar and loft used to be - Wine, on 63rd down from Tuesday Morning. gomer's is good but not convenient and haven't been but would like to check out Red X. lukas is great but, again, not terribly convenient.

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              I'm relatively new to the KC area (3.5 years now) and I finally just swore off Berbiglia for any sort of beverage tonight since Miller Lite is cheaper at Consentinos. Bebiglia is so awful.

              We finally went to Wine tonight and I was thoroughly impressed. Excellent selection with many wines from regions other than California. The prices were also right on. I think it's now become my primary source for wine. Thanks to goroe for the suggestion!

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                Wine is good and a cute neighborhood place. I think between there and Cosentino's Market if you are sticking around Brookside, you can go home with some great choices and varities. The Market just started carrying Tito's Vodka....yummy.

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                  Cellar Rat has a great selection and the prices are good. 'Wine' is actually more expensive and doesn't have as extensive of a selection.