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Jan 16, 2009 09:40 AM

Help with fine dining in Cannon Beach

My husband and I are headed to Cannon Beach, OR for our 20th Wedding Anniversary. We are staying at the Stephanie Inn which does have it's own very upscale restaurant, but I'm not sure if I want to keep our reservation there or not. They offer a fixed daily menu of only 2 or 3 items to choose from on the entree. The appetizers, desserts and soups are all chosen for you. Not sure I want to pay $150 to have my meal selected for me. SO.....I'm asking for suggestions for any very nice restaurants in the Cannon Beach/Manzanita area that would fit the bill. Not worried about price. Would like a very nice atmosphere.

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  1. You don't want to do The Stephanie Inn for dinner. It's a lot of money for a mediocre meal and the restaurant isn't even on the ocean side so you don't get a view, either. We've tried it twice and both times were really disappointed.

    I've tried every higher-end place in the area (we go to Manzanita 2-3x/year) and have found nothing in either Cannon Beach or Manzanita for a nice dinner. For casual fried seafood, Ecola Seafood is tasty and for a decent lunch, Wayfarer Inn (with a view of Haystack Rock) is OK. I really like one of the salads at the Wayfarer - the one with grilled chicken. smoked cheddar, apples, and almonds on spinach with a garlic dressing. I've had some not too thrilling dinners there, though. I was not impressed with Newman's at 988, either. Gower Street Bistro was OK, but nothing great.

    Best dinner in the area, hands down, is the Nehalem River Inn, just past Manzanita:

    It has great food, excellent service and a nice atmosphere. It is worth the extra 10 minutes past Manzanita down 101.

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      I couldn't agree more with JillO on Nehalem River Inn. One of my top 5 restaurant meals ever. Great folks.

      We had good food at Stephanie Inn, but I wanted to shoot myself with the background music and stuffiness of the place.


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        Well, with two recommendations, I'm very pumped up now about the Nehalem River Inn. I visited the website and the Inn itself actually looks very cool as a place to stay. I've heard the Stephanie Inn is "thee" place to be for a romantic weekend, but it is oober expensive and I'm not sure what I'm really getting for my money. This is a very special occasion, so I don't care if it's costly, but the Nehalem Inn looks to be quite charming. I'm a little worried that the Stephanie may be too stuffy for us as well.

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          The Nehalem Inn is very charming and Nicole and Ryan are awesome. And it is a lovely and quiet location and they can outfit you with kayaks and launch you right there. We usually don't stay there because we have two dogs and also because we like being in Manzanita for the beach access and the shops. You can walk to everything in Manzanita and there is a wine bar if you like to have a glass or a bottle at night. At Nehalem River Inn you have to get in your car and drive to everything (and Manzanita is a lot nicer than Nehalem and only a couple of minutes down 101). The same would be pretty much true for the Stephanie Inn, which is a bit removed from the center of Cannon Beach. We also like that Manzanita is bit less touristy than Cannon Beach.

          If you want to stay in Manzanita check out The Inn at Manzanita, Coast Cabins, and Ocean Inn at Manzanita. The first two are very nice, romantic and high-end, Ocean Inn is a bit less so (and where we usually stay these days).

      2. We did an Astoria to Reedsport trip this summer. There are posts on the area and Astoria is not that far north and has alot to offer.


        We hit Astoria on a day that Drina Daisy was closed, oh well. Fulio's at lunch was very good, though I wouldn't rave about it.

        Have fun.

        1. It's not romantic and quiet, but a memorable meal nonetheless. Check out EVOO Cooking School. We had a most wonderful meal there. It's like being on an episode of Emeril, where the food is being prepared in front of you, and you're being talked through the whole thing. It was educational and entertaining.

          Then there was the actual meal and wine. It's been 8 months since we were there and my husband an I still talk about it. We left with recipes for our meal and have since recreated part of the menu for rave reviews.

          Organic and sustainably grown local foods. Owner/hosts that care about their clientele.

          I can't wait to go back on my next trip to Cannon Beach.

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            You know....I saw the EVOO Cooking School when I was perusing things to do in the area. It did really intrigue me, but I wasn't sure exactly what the format was or if you really got a "meal" or just small samples of the food being prepared. Thank you for your recap of a fun evening. I may have to find a way to work that into my trip!!

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              If you look at their website, they have the menus for the upcoming meals. They do brunches and lunches there too, I believe. But I've only had the 1 dinner there. I don't think it is ever just a sampling though--you can plan on leaving with a full tummy.

              Also, with our group at 30-ish people, they were able and more than happy to accommodate specific dietary restrictions. So if there's a shellfish appetizer and you don't eat shellfish, just let them know when you make the reservation. The hosts were very sweet and accommodating.

              Have a great trip.

          2. It's been a couple years but there used to be a small bistro on the main drag called, I think Bilbo's. It's on the east side of the street in an outdoor shopping complex. It's excellent food and atmosphere, reservations are suggested.