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Jan 16, 2009 09:28 AM

any new-ish cleveland restaurant news/reviews?

i was curious as to what new or somewhat new restaurants anyone has visited in clev lately.

for example,

L'ALBATROS (fka that place on belleflower)?



the new BIG EGG? ;) ha!

*** other new places???? ***

Ps -- is DANTE (fka lockkeeprs) moving to tremont?

thx for your updates!

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  1. I'm very curious about the new Big Egg. I don't need to be drunk to enjoy a little greasy food but I'm afraid that lots of places that cater to the late night after party crowd think they can slide by with hot, greasy and piled high. I'd ask whether or not the food at the old Big Egg actually tasted good, but that wouldn't really mean much. The new Big Egg will have different management.

    I'm also excited about L'Albatros. The chef de cuisine has experience at Moxie and seems dedicated to doing the right thing at L'Albatros.

    I think Dante's new Tremont location might be a better fit for the kind of restaurant that I was expecting Dante to be. I had some great meals at Rockside Dante shortly after it opened. Hopefully, the restaurant can restore its consistency in a smaller space and in a hipper neighborhood. I'm also curious about Lockkeeper's. I managed to have a couple good meals at the old location and I had a very high opinion of it then. That high opinion didn't survive a parade of chefs and the move to the larger, newer space. The menu doesn't sound like it will be quite as interesting as Dante's but the new old management is obviously capable of producing good food and that's enough for me.

    Nothing about 56 West looks particularly appealing. If I hear good things, I'll check it out but otherwise it just doesn't look like something I'm interested in.

    I've been to Crop a couple times. With choices like the Flying Fig and Moxie, I'm just not going to be a regular patron of a restaurant that isn't on that level.

    1. I've heard some very good things about L'Albatros but haven't yet been myself.

      Crop isn't exactly new anymore, haven't they been here at least 2 years by now? I regularly go there for lunch and the food is almost always completely awesome, but I find them to be too high of a price point for us for a casual, weeknight dinner. 2 entrees with no apps, no dessert and 2 inexpensive glasses of wine for $75 before tip and tax is not a weeknight meal for us so unfortunately it will stay a lunch spot only for me.

      I heard the 56 West people are the same who used to own Cafe 56 downtown, which I loved for lunch, but haven't had a chance to get out to this new place.

      I didn't think the new Egg was open yet, is it? I probably won't rush over there, the drunk-and-need-breakfast-at-2am days are over for me.

      Yes, Dante is moving to tremont in the old bank building that's catty-corner to Lolita, next to a convenience type store, set to open I think in April/May. In the meantime, Lockkeepers is serving some of their items as well as some Dante items from what I understand.

      Waiting with baited breath for Sawyer's Greenhouse Tavern to open!

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        ah yeah, i forgot about the upcoming GREENHOUSE TAVERN thx for the reminder.

        btw -- i see they have an interwebs presence:

        anyhoo -- i needed some restaurant gift certificate ideas so thx for the FEEDback homies ;)