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Jan 16, 2009 09:27 AM

NE CH heading to inauguration - Looking for grub in Potomac

I am one of the millions of people flocking to DC area for the inauguration festivities. I'm staying in Potomac, MD.

I'd love recommendations for a place in the area for dinner Monday night. Moderately priced, pub grub is fine - the person I'm travelling with isn't super-adventurous, so probably no exotic ethnic cuisines.

A good place for breakfast on Monday would be good too.

And then any ideas for out of the way places near the Capitol that might not be completely packed (Ha!) because people don't know about them would be exceptional!

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  1. Bezu in the main commercial area in Potomac (the intersection of River and Falls roads) is very good, but more upscale than "pub grub", and pretty expensive. For pub grub, I hear Flaps is OK, although I haven't eaten there. The Hunter's Inn is somewhere in between, don't expect gourmet food, but the atmosphere is homey. Normandie Farm is a mile or two out of the town center, and has OK French food and a nice atmosphere for a cold winter's night. For standard Italian fare, try Renato.