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Jan 16, 2009 09:21 AM

ISO: Fresh sauerkraut in Toronto

Hey folks,

Does anyone have a recommendation for fresh sauerkraut in Toronto?

I'm sort of assuming that something on Roncesvalles is going to be our best bet, but I'm not really sure where, and am hoping for some guidance.


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  1. I bought some yesterday at the Healthy Butcher on Eglinton -- made by Pfennings Organics. It's somewhat undersalted, in my opinion (although maybe this is a good thing).

    At Dufferin Grove farmers market on Thursday afternoons, the Sosnickis sell sauerkraut, along with homemade perogies and stored root vegetables. (Here, I'm assuming they haven't sold out of their sauerkraut, but don't know for sure.)

    I bought some great sauerkraut from the Marvellous Edibles stand at the Annex/Bloor-Borden market in the fall, made from cabbage grown on their farm. You might want to check their restaurant on Laird to see if they have any left (they sell their homemade jams, preserves and condiments there).

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      1. starsky's on dundas, just west of the 427 has a great selection and then some

      2. many thanks, we'll give those a try.

        1. I don't know where you are located so didn't post this earlier, but it's usually available at Fresh From the Farm on Donlands.

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            cool, thanks! I'm located in Cabbagetown, but have a car and am more than happy to travel for food adventures. ;)

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              Saw some today in the refrigerated section (near the back) at The Big Carrot.

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                Living in Cabbagetown but needing a car to get fresh sauerkraut. It doesn't seem fair. (I don't mean to make fun, btw. I live in Deer Park and there's rarely any venison to be found at Yonge and St. Clair.)

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