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Jan 16, 2009 09:21 AM

Cafe on 9th Avenue in the 50s (or wine bar; for afternoon meet-up)

Looking for a spot for a casual business meeting in this part of Hell's Kitchen, where we can set up shop at a table (or even a couch) and talk for a few hours, over a couple of drinks and maybe snacks, undisturbed. Not a Starbuck's (though if nothing else, would be open). Ideally, similar vibe to downtown spots like 'Snice or Grey Dog. Heading to Vintage (9th btwn 50th & 51st) later this evening, so want to stay local, so as not to freeze ass off. Any ideas? THANKS! :)

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  1. Check out Vintner Wine Market - consists of 2 adjacent storefronts--one sells wine, the other cheese and beer. 671 Ninth Avenue (betw 46th & 47th)
    Tel. 212-957-7500

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      I was thinking about that place, I think their wine bar is called Riposo or something like that. They don't open til 4PM most days. I'm not sure if that's still considered afternoon by the OP.

      1. re: egit

        There are actually three separate places on that side of the block: (1) 9th Avenue Vintner (liquor store); (2) Vintner Market (counter seating for wine, beer, cheese, sandwiches, etc.); (3) Riposo 46 (wine and tapas bar). All are fairly good quality, but Riposo is not affiliated with (1) and (2).

        1. re: D...DF

          Oh, funny. Okay, I always thought Riposo was affiliated with the cheese shop. I've only been there once or twice, and I enjoyed it. I guess I had the Vintner Market and Riposo confused.

    2. Perhaps, Kashkaval, on 9th, b/t 55th & 56th? I have not been, so I can't tell you what the seating set-up is like. Hopefully, a Hound who knows will chime in.

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      1. re: RGR

        I was thinking Kashkaval as well...I liked the feeling of the place and it wasn't over the top.

      2. Caselulla would suit your need. It's a relaxed, casual wine bar with a light menu.

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          Casellula's a great choice, but gets loud and busy. If they are filled to capacity, you might feel guilty about hogging the table for a few hours.

          Casa Cupcake Cafe is a great, spacious spot to linger but they close on the early side (I think 7:00).

        2. Kyotofu opens in the afternoon, I think...

          1. Also, this new French patisserie has been getting some good ink: