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Any good lunch spots near Danforth / Woodbine?

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Nothing too expensive (> $10.00). Just a place to sit down and enjoy a meal.

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  1. For under $10, the only place I can think of around there is Pizza Pizza at the corner or Pizza Nova one block west.

    1. What about Quattro Ragazze?

      It's a little west, but you can get a yummy sandwich there.


      1. Bistro Camino at Dawes. Japanese French cook, ex Osgoode Hall, York Club. At you price point . You will go three times a week. What's he doing there? He owns the building.

        1. Sarah's Cafe, on Danforth at Monarch Park has a great lunch menu.

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            The menu may look great, but what about the food? I have heard many negative reviews.

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              I've never found the food there particularly memorable. If I want to dine out, this is not the place I pick.

          2. I just checked Melanie's Bistro's menu and you can get quite a few lunch items for under $10: soup, salads, sandwiches, wraps. The sandwiches are all under $10 and served with salad or fries or side of soup. And the food is good.

            Melanie's is on Danforth about two blocks west of Woodbine.

            1. Well there's the infamous Grumbel's Deli, but it's at Main and Danforth (on Main, just south of Danforth) Love their schnitzel sandwiches and their killer potato salad.