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Dunkin' Donuts-do you really like more than the coffee

As a tea drinker who also loves donuts, I was thinking about most of the folks I know who have moved away from the geographical areas where Dunkin Donuts seem to exist, who terribly miss D&D. I wanted to ask my fellow 'Hounds what you love about D&D.

The only things I love about D&D are that there are a million of them in my location (Central CT) and that they're run well with quick and efficient service. Seriously, in my zipcode there are 4 of them and that doesn't include the D&D that's in my grocery store. Beyond that though I find their donuts to be "meh". I'd eat one in a pinch but I prefer any real bakery donut/confection over Dunkin any day. I also find their muffins to be super sugary but the bagels are ok if I want something savory.

Am I missing something with the donuts or is it my distaste of all things coffee that seems to exlude me from loving Dunkin?


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  1. I would prefer anyone's donuts to their coffee. It is the worst; might as well drink warm water. As for their donuts, when I has a kid back in the 50's, there was absolutely nothing better than their donuts. I don't know if they are still as good as back then, but if they are, they would be high on my list.

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      I agree, I think their coffee is awful and don't get the draw. We simply do not HAVE a "local bakery" that you can stop at and pick up something like dougnuts or pastries anywhere near where I live or work. There are a couple of smaller doughnut chains and I've tried their dougnuts and do not like them at all. I think DD's are very good still, but really the basic glazed is my favorite.

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        We were always served the coffee so hot that a side of ice was needed, and it wasn't that good.

        In HS, we ate a lot of their munchkins, particularly in 7th period AP American History. Not the best doughnuts, by any stretch, but they're fine as munchkins every few years or so. Nearby, Terhune makes cider doughnuts, and in Oakland there was a 24 hour place which had the best maple longjohns stuffed with custard (not fluff). Yum.

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        Get the iced coffee. It's glorious. Good price too, 2 bucks for a 32 ounce.

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          I'm not a fan of iced coffee. 99% of it is sweetened and I hate sweet coffee. In the summer sometimes I'll pour some of my leftover coffee over ice and drink it that way but I don't see the appeal.

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            The iced at Dunkin Donuts (and McDonalds) is quite good and served any way you like -- with or without sweetener/milk/cream. I get it frequently (just a splash of half & half) summer or winter.

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              rock, in New England, where DD is from, regular iced coffee is never sweetened unless you sweeten it. DD has great iced coffee, as does another chain, Au Bon Pain.

              having said that, let me warn everyone away from DD's flavored iced coffee. Just horrific.

            2. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              I can live with their ice coffee, not that bad. But I guess I need to move to Phoenix, because a 32 oz in the New York/New Jersey area is way more than $2

          2. The hot coffee is a terrible mess but I do love the iced coffee. The donuts are good when they're fresh, but what isn't? For most people I feel that it is popular because they're everywhere in the Northeast and a sense of "local pride". Now that I've moved away from the East I don't miss D&D but I'm sure I'll stop at one next time I'm there.

            1. I'm a fan of their iced coffee. Their coffee is pretty decent, when you get it fresh. My DD weakness are the hash browns. So good......

              1. I live in Canada, so I maybe get there once a year...but I always stop for a bagel and their smoked salmon cream cheese.....I think they have a sour cream and onion bagel?

                I also have one of their mugs and love it :)

                1. Apple fritters in a pinch. throw them in the microwave for a few seconds. If you don't like grease, then these are not for you. Ooey, chewy, greasy, sweet, goodness. Once or twice a year, I'll get them for a desert. Almost perfection.

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                    I don't understand. If their hot coffee is bad, how is the iced so good? I have never cared for their coffee (hot) as it tastes watery and weak. I would think that would be even more so with the iced as the ice would melt and dilute it even more.

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                      This is what I don't get either. I can't stand their hot coffee, how could the iced be any different or better?

                      1. re: rockandroller1

                        This is confusing to me too. Maybe there are some places where the average coffee served is so bad that DD coffee (scalding or iced) is comparatively good? Or marketing's power of suggestion has convinced people that it must be so?

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                          Dunkin Donuts are mostly, if not all, franchises; and accordingly, quality can vary from store to store. There are some DD outlets in my area where I won't go, and one or two that I frequent because they make decent coffee most of the time. At the place where I'm a Saturday morning semi-regular, I've seen my waitperson look at the coffee they were going to serve me, pitch it, and give me stuff from a brewing or fresher pot. That's one reason I go back to that place. I think, as with most things, there are good and not-so-good DD franchisees, and that can make a huge difference in one's experience.

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                            Yes, of course. Every decision I make is based on marketing. I have no independent ability to discern taste.

                            Dunkin Donuts has very good iced coffee. It may not be to your liking but that doesn't make it "bad" for the rest of us.

                        2. re: bostonhound

                          Well, for one thing, it's not the same coffee. DD's iced coffee is double strength: they use twice as much coffee per pot for the iced coffee than they use for the hot coffee, to account for the dilution of the ice.

                          I like DD's hot coffee fine, but in the summer, I'm rarely seen more than a few feet from a DD iced coffee, cream no sugar.

                        1. I love their chocolate glazed donuts, coconut donuts, peanut donuts, bagels and cream cheese and the breakfast croissant sandwich with egg and cheese. I'm not even sure if that still exists, I haven't lived near a DD in 2.5 years. There was one right outside my L stop in Chicago, and I would stop every morning for coffee and a donut or croissant.

                          1. Well, I guess I'm just easy going. It's not that bad. Of course not fresh ground columbian, peruvian or hawaiian, but for a chain ... not bad.

                            God, if you worked in an office building try drinking their coffee, Dunkin would be a treat. I don't expect gourmet coffee at a non gourmet place. Starbucks ... some of the worst coffee in the word!! I think. I guess just personal taste.

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                              Office coffee is definitely bad (unless there are espresso makers). In that case, DD might be better. I've tried DD coffee across the country, and it's been consistent, so I guess it's simply not to my taste.

                              Starbucks too--it tastes burnt. By hey, they've raised the cost of (mediocre and burnt) coffee from under $1 to $3-5/cup because it's been hyped as gourmet! Nope, not marketing at all.

                              I'll stick to shops run by small proprietors.

                            2. Every time I've looked inside a Dunkin' Donuts, it's been a wasteland. Aren't they getting clobbered by the likes of Starbucks and Coffee Bean? Unless they're running a free coffee special, I can't see much incentive for going in. Even the other chains I mentioned do pretty well on flavor, although their prices for anything with sugar or chocolate is astronomical.

                              Actually, I think I ventured into a Dungeons and Dragons in Los Angeles. There were some panhandlers outside, a sole employee and, myself. Not exactly the type of food or coffee experience I would want to experience frequently.

                              1. IMO, DD survives for the same reason McD's survives. It's quick and easy, conveniently located, and you don't even have to get out of the car if you don't want to. I don't care for their regular coffee but their "specialty coffee drinks" are tolerable.

                                As for McD's, their "old" coffee was pretty bad but drinkable in a pinch, but their new Premium Roast coffee positively sucks!

                                Caralien said:
                                I'll stick to shops run by small proprietors.

                                That's a good idea...if you can find one. The closest thing to an independent owner in my area is the mini-mart at the gas station, and their coffee is even worse!

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                                  I too prefer DD's iced coffee to its hot coffee. The donuts are just OK. I admit that I'm a Krispy Kreme fiend although I'm sure the KK donuts are even more fattening than DD's. DD's makes a decent hot chocolate too. And some of them have computers where you can pay for in 10-15 minute increments to check your e-mail, etc. I stumbled on one in the East Village in NYC and although the characters hanging out there were colorful to say the least, I liked being able to check my e-mail and have a cup of hot chocolate and an OK donut.

                                  1. re: Gigi007

                                    fyi: glazed doughnut by KK: 200 calories; DD: 220 calories
                                    Although I could eat half a dozen KK doughnuts at a sitting when the HOT sign is lit, so maybe it's not such a fair tradeoff (I don't eat them otherwise)

                                2. I'm a big a fan of the DD caramel coolatta. As for their coffee - I can take it or leave it, it's nothing special. In Wilkes-Barre, Pa., we have a DD directly across the street from a Starbucks, and DD is doing nicely - probably because it's about $.50 to $1.00 cheaper for the same size beverages depending on what you get. But as for flavor, I prefer Starbucks' regular coffee over DD by a lot.

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                                    I used to LOVE DD coffee - it was always perfect...but that was many years ago..It has seriously gone down hill. Havivng said that - I still get my coffee there as opposed to Strabucks etc...
                                    As for the donuts - YUCK
                                    I have never liked thier donuts and havnt eaten them in years - not worth the calories to me. Sugary and texturally boring. (actually I did used to like the chocolate cream filled - only when they were very fresh...but it got rarer and rarer for them to ever be fresh that I stopped having them altogether!)
                                    Breakfast foods are pretty gross too, but I will give in if I'm desperate.

                                  2. DD Fans -

                                    Where, oh where is my buttermilk donut? Have they been discontinued at all locations or just in Chicago?

                                    1. I agree totally that the key to DD's is the convenience of their stores. I also have probably 10-15 within a 5 mile radius and it depends on which one you go to. I very seldom go to a non drive thru, for the mere fact , that I'm always on the way to somewhere. My most frequented DD's actually times each pot and dumps them when the time is up, you very seldom get a cup that isn't very fresh. I'm located in the Southern MA area just south of Worcester.