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Jan 16, 2009 08:32 AM

Unusual (for me) Vinegars [Moved from Midwest Board]

I lately have had a passion for vinegar. I have found several more online:

Ice Wine
Pine nut
Banyuls Wine
Black Currant
Elder berry

Has anyone here tried any of them? Comments?

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  1. Banyuls and (presumably Minus8 brand) ice wine vinegar are probably well worth your time and money. They are wine vinegars of distinction. I'm not all that convinced about the rest of them though. My experience has been that "flavored" vinegars can turn out to be a real disappointment. But not necessarily, if you do your own flavoring at home. For example, I gave up on "store bought" terragon vinegar years ago and started making my own. Who knows, there may even be virgin vinegar territory left for you to explore out there! Good luck!

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      Mistakes: Pine nut, Hazelnut & Pecan are oils. There are, however at least two more vinegars: Tomato or red pepper.

      All of the others, as far as I can tell (it's not always easy) are not infused vinegars. The fruit or vegetable is made into a wine and then into vinegar.

      Some sites:
      Fancy vinegars:


      Eden makes a variety of vinegars, and I picked up a coconut one at an asian store. (Hey, look at this one!


      Some interesting infused vinegars; (I also do make my own)

      They're expensive, so I'll likely start with the Banyul and then perhaps get one a month!

      1. re: Richard 16

        A guest on a fairly recent KCRW Good Food show (radio, podcast) was talking about "drinking vinegars" and making vinegars. Audio and some links here.
        He has some interesting ideas.