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Jan 16, 2009 08:13 AM

Bachelorette Weekend Tybee Island/Savannah area

Some girlfriends and I are going to be staying on Tybee Island for a bachelorette weekend in March. We are looking to go to a good restaurant in that area for dinner one night. Can anyone tell me about the following restaurants?

Noble Fare
Sapphire Grill
The New South Cafe
Hunter House Inn
Local 11 Ten

And if anyone has other suggestions, please share. Also, does Lady and Son's live up to the hype?

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  1. Noble Fare is truly excellent. I've been twice so far. They offer a simple menu with truly excellent food. I can highly recommend the sweetbreads appetizer. Great salads. For entrees I've had and can recommend the sliced duck breast served medium rare over a most excellent rissoto. The NY strip is good. Very nice wine selections, full service bar.

    On at least a par with Noble Fare - if not a small step above - is the exquisite Elizabeth's on 37th Street, where I've dined far more often (it's been open a lot longer). Staggering wine list - Greg and Gary Butch know their stuff.

    Local 11 Ten has been getting a lot of buzz, but I haven't eaten there yet, or at the Hunter House Inn on Tybee. Sapphire Grill and New South are fine enough, but I always look at the bill and think, man, I wish I'd eaten at Elizabeth's instead. If I had to choose only one place to eat, like it sounds you're planning on, I guess it would be between Elizabeth's and Noble Fare, with a slight nod to Elizabeth's.

    There is a funky little joint on the back river at Tybee called AJs. The place has an extremely informal and laid back Key West style. No where have I had fish prepared any better, I hesitate to mention it to you, because all the other places are fine dining, but if you've got a nice casual night out you need to fill, you could do far worse than AJs.

    I don't want to take anything away from Paula Dean (The Lady and Sons), who is obviously a woman of great talent and drive with an utterly remarkable sense of marketing; she has done a great job of putting Savannah on the map for a great many folks. Nonetheless, there are small town country cooking meat and three's all over the state of Georgia where the food is at least as good at about a third the cost and minus the hour-long waits. 'nuf said....

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        Hi, a! Please be sure to come back after your trip and post your experiences. I'm planning a trip the last weekend in March and I'd like your input. Thanks!

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            Or I can just call you, dad. ha. Took me a second and then I saw the little thumbnail picture.

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              By all means call anytime. However, your fellow chowhounds have taken the time to share their knowledge and so it's always best to return the favor with a report on what you found.

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            AJ's is great. However I like low key but great food. This is a fun, relaxing place and the fish and seafood wonderful.

        1. If you do want to go to Lady and Son's you might consider getting your order to go and eating it picnic style in City Market. To do so, the wait is only about 30 minutes. To eat in the restaurant, the wait can be about 3 hours.

          1. Please keep in mind that it's a thirty minute trip to drive downtown and find a parking space from Tybee. Some of the above-named restaurants are in iffy areas.

            The Hunter House on Tybee is always good, with a range of dishes in a series of small rooms. You could ask John Hunter for a room of your own. Charlies on Tybee will pick you up in a stretch limo free of charge. Their menu is online.

            Lady & Sons takes reservations placed in person starting at 9:00 a.m. Her sons are often in the gift shop signing and posing. The food may be only comparable to other places, but hey, it's Paula Dean's. You don't necessarily go there for the best meal of your life, but when your friends ask you if you ate there...

            1. Five of us walked into The Lady & Sons for lunch on a Friday in early December with no wait. I realize that's not common, but it sure made deciding whether or not to eat there much easier.

              Despite not being a fan of buffets, I opted for it so I could try a little of everything. It was OK. I'm glad I went there, but I sure don't feel the need to go back. The breads were wonderful, though.

              Noble Fare & Elizabeth's were on our short list, but we didn't get there (5 women deciding on restaurants for 3 nights - not easy!). We did enjoy Vic's on the River a lot - very good food and lovely space.

              Have fun!