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Jan 16, 2009 07:59 AM

Need recs in downtown Orlando please!

I have purchased tickets to a concert in downtown Orlando on Valentines day (2/14). I am looking for a restaurant in the area to go to after the concert, but am not real familiar with downtown and is not providing many options. I know I need to make reservations early, so im trying to get some recs now.

Can someone please recommend a nice restaurant, preferably romantic or nice ambiance for a V-day dinner in/around the E. Colonial Drive area, or at least within a 10 minute drive from there? No particular cuisine requirements, just would prefer a nice semi-upscale restaurant. Thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Might want to try some of the Edgewater restaurants, Nonna's, K Rest., Taste, Harmoni....all are nice choices. Otherwise, Graze is a great option downtown.

      1. If you like Thai food, Napasorn is in Downtown Orlando. In my opinion, it's the best Thai food in the area.

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          Something moderatley upscale and romantic is Barneys on east colonial. They have early bird specials and if you sit in the lounge,,there is a guy tickling the ivory(playing piano) Good steaks and salad bar. Think of it as a nicer version of steak and ale.

        2. Harvey's Bistro on the north end of downtown is our usual spot for pre-concert/pre-game dining. Great bread, lobster bisque, and dinner dishes, and is within walking distance or pedi-cab ride to the arena.

          Ditto tommyvee's rec on Napasorn for the best Thai. It's a little further away, on the south end of downtown.