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pepper mill rec?

hey all- I'm looking for a quality pepper mill that i can use both in cooking and on the table. my decor is contemporary- but function is more important than style and I'm hoping it will last quite a while...


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  1. Don't buy the acrylic ones. Look pretty but don't last. Crack in a very short time. Peugot (sp?) seems to be the best common brand.

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      Unicorn Magnum Plus by far - go to cooksillustrated.com and read reviews

    2. You may think me insane for telling you that you to get this one but i'm not kidding


      I can be a bit obsessive at times and I went through a peppermill run earlier this year and went through 5 pairs trying to find one that would give me a really great grind. This one blows all the rest away, I tried 2 different Peugeot's and 3 no name brands. My girlfriend knew i had been trying to find the perfect one for about half a year and got me the snowman one and it is amazing. Unlike most it has a spring resistance to make sure it keeps a tight grind no matter the thickness of the grind. The action is tighter then most but the end result is superior. The only other one i tried that gave a great grind was this one http://www.napaview.com/napa-peppermi... at the time i was a baby in my peppermill search and it seemed too expensive.

      Almost forgot my friend has a Unicorn Magnum Plus and it is excellent perhaps even better then the snowman but they are simply cuter.

      So thats my 2 cents :).

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        thank you for that...it made me laugh as soon as I opened the link.

        1. I was given an Alessi pepper mill that I love. I have been using it for 5 years now. Always sparks conversation.


          1. The wooden ones that Penzey's sells are pretty good. Stay away from any pepper mills that are made with plastic (from anywhere).

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              greglor -- must agree with the Penzey's pepper grinder. If you like a lot of pepper (and we do) this one puts out a lot without much effort. It is the only one we have found that will handle the Special Extra-bold tellichery peppercorns (because they are so big). We have several expensive grinders and they do not do as good a job as the Penzey's grinder. Highly recommended.

            2. The Magnum and the Magnum Plus are the only two worth having.

              1. thanks for these! I'm not sold on the looks of the magnum but am loving the vic firth- one more question though. if a grinder is labelled as a "salt mill" rather than pepper- can I still use it? http://www.amazon.com/Vic-Firth-Tronc...


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                  Forgot the appearance.. the Unicorn Magnum grinds like a god, and most of my use is in the kitchen proper, so I don't need something pretty while grinding over a stockpot. Salt mills generally have nylon grinding mechanisms - either cause of corrosion, or softer grinding of salt crystals. I do not believe they are swappable..

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                    no you can't salt mills have either a plastic or ceramic grind mechanisms. good pepper mills will always have a metal grinding mechanism. you cant use a metal grinding mechanism for salt either as it will corrode.