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Jan 16, 2009 07:25 AM

pepper mill rec?

hey all- I'm looking for a quality pepper mill that i can use both in cooking and on the table. my decor is contemporary- but function is more important than style and I'm hoping it will last quite a while...


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  1. Don't buy the acrylic ones. Look pretty but don't last. Crack in a very short time. Peugot (sp?) seems to be the best common brand.

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      Unicorn Magnum Plus by far - go to and read reviews

    2. You may think me insane for telling you that you to get this one but i'm not kidding

      I can be a bit obsessive at times and I went through a peppermill run earlier this year and went through 5 pairs trying to find one that would give me a really great grind. This one blows all the rest away, I tried 2 different Peugeot's and 3 no name brands. My girlfriend knew i had been trying to find the perfect one for about half a year and got me the snowman one and it is amazing. Unlike most it has a spring resistance to make sure it keeps a tight grind no matter the thickness of the grind. The action is tighter then most but the end result is superior. The only other one i tried that gave a great grind was this one at the time i was a baby in my peppermill search and it seemed too expensive.

      Almost forgot my friend has a Unicorn Magnum Plus and it is excellent perhaps even better then the snowman but they are simply cuter.

      So thats my 2 cents :).

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        thank you for made me laugh as soon as I opened the link.

        1. I was given an Alessi pepper mill that I love. I have been using it for 5 years now. Always sparks conversation.

          1. The wooden ones that Penzey's sells are pretty good. Stay away from any pepper mills that are made with plastic (from anywhere).

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              greglor -- must agree with the Penzey's pepper grinder. If you like a lot of pepper (and we do) this one puts out a lot without much effort. It is the only one we have found that will handle the Special Extra-bold tellichery peppercorns (because they are so big). We have several expensive grinders and they do not do as good a job as the Penzey's grinder. Highly recommended.