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Jan 16, 2009 07:21 AM

BiBimBap with Brown rice

Does anyone know any places in LA that make it or have the option to make it with brown rice?


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  1. I don't have a lead for you, just a warning: "brown rice" is a very common translation of the Korean "ogokbap", which is actually a mixture of white rice, millet, and beans -- it's generally purplish.

    I'm told that brown rice (rice with the bran left on) is "hyeon mi" in Korean but I don't know that for a fact -- someone else who speaks Korean please chime in.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      현미 hyeonmi

      Brown rice (hulled/unmilled rice) has until recently been associated with poverty or wartime shortages in much of Korea, so is not a common offering in many Korean restaurants.

      1. re: hannaone

        My wife moved here from Vietnam and thought I was crazy when I wanted to eat Brown Rice. In a way it was like saying we were poor. In Thailand , the Prince was involved with getting people to eat brown rice because it was more healthy. Not sure if it worked.

        It's funny how food can be an indicator of class distinction. For example, in Saigon I ordered Morning Glory in a fancy restaurant and my mother-in-law thought I was crazy to pay $3 for a vegetable that cost 10 cents in the market.

    2. M Cafe de Chaya makes it with brown rice..

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        I'm talking about Dol Sot Bibimbop that comes in the hot stone bowl. I don't think m cafe has that iteration do they any kind of Dol Sot really just has to be the hot stone bowl :).

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          I had it there and thought it was pretty good.

        2. Many Korean restaurants have mixed grain rice (jap gok bap) off the menu if you ask. I've never seen just brown rice on or off the menu. Mixed grain rice usually has rice, wheat, barley, beans, etc. and much more flavorful and healthful.

          1. Hodori's off vermont and olympic...thats place is really good and they are open 24/7

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            1. re: liltamby5

              They make it with brown rice? Really?

              I know Hodori as the place you go after clubbing when you don't care about service and are too drunk to know what's good and what isn't.

            2. wow...I havent had bibimbap at Hodori in awhile..but I never remeber them havcing brown rice.

              I'm pretty sure that Mapo restaurant serves bibimbap with brown rice..its killer bbp too

              Dont know about hyeonmi being associated with hardtimes..maybe u are mistaking it for barley?

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              1. re: CostcoWater

                Thanks guys my mouth is watering :). Mapo will be my next hit i think. There are allot of Mapo's though do you know which one it is


                1. re: Ben7643

                  Its the one on 6th st. Next to a donut place, coffee shop and a karaoke joint..

                  Mapo restaurant
                  3611 W 6th St
                  Los Angeles, CA 90020

                  (213) 736-6668

                2. re: CostcoWater

                  in china as well, unhulled rice is associated with primitifve conditions. not just wartime.