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Jan 16, 2009 07:05 AM

Valentines Day near Faneuil Hall

I am bringing my husband to Boston for V-Day. We are coming early on the 13th, staying at the Bostonian near Faneuil Hall and leaving late on the 14th.

I am looking for lunch, dinner and a good place for drinks on the 13th, and breakfast (good coffee/bakery?) on the 14th.

We are in our early 20's.. looking for cool places with great food. We can spend a bit on dinner, but I would like reasonable places for breakfast and lunch.
We have a car but I would prefer to walk.
Can anyone help?

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  1. sarahelan, the Bostonian is right across the Rose Kennedy greenway from the North End and much of the rest of Boston is walkable from it if the weather is not bad. I'd leave the car alone, downtown Boston driving and parking are both very difficult.

    What kind of food do you and your valentine enjoy? One of my favorite restaurants in Boston is in the North End: Prezza, lots written on it in other posts on this board.

    My favorite Boston bakery is Modern Pastry, also in the North End. Cramped seating but you could get something to take back to your hotel.

    1. That's smart doing your dinner the day before V-Day and avoiding the madness. Prezza is a good rec. If you want something less cool, but more romantic and charming, Mamma Maria is also in the North End and has terrific food.

      I and others recommend this combo a lot because it works well: drinks at No. 9 Park (top-notch cocktails) followed by a short walk and dinner at Grotto, a cozy, brick-walled basement place serving rich, delicious Italian.

      Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. is a board favorite due to its open, lively and somewhat elegant atmosphere, serious cocktailing and very good food. You might like Scampo, too. It used to be a jail and they've kept some of those features. That's cool. Diners love their breads. These two are open for lunch as well as dinner. If you're in the mood for pizza for lunch, don't miss the original Pizzeria Regina in the North End for retro-cool and maybe the best pizza you'll ever eat.

      1. You might want to scout out Sal de la Terre (waterfront location) for dinner. If you like seafood, you could also go to Neptune Oyster on Salem Street in the North End (they do not take reservations and the place is small, so they might be a better lunch option. It is no fun "standing out in the cold waiting to get in" in the winter. I agree that you should go to Modern Pastry. If you head there for breakfast (pastry and coffee) it should not be too crowded. Mama Maria does have very good food. Eastern Standard and Scampo are both very good, but you would need to drive. Scampo can get $$$ for dinner, but their bar is fun even if you just go for drinks. No 9 Park does have great drinks, but the bar is small and can get crowded. Grotto from my perspective has ok food. There are on Bowdoin St (no parking, you would need to valet you car at 9 Park, and is a bit too much of a hoof for me in mid winter). I am sure you will have a great time in Boston.

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          government center t station and haymarket t station are easy walking distance (like 5 minutes) from the bostonian if the weather is truly foul. it would be less than 10 minutes to eastern standard and 1 stop on the blue line to scampo. driving around there is so not worth it.

          silvertone at dowtown crossing is great for drinks and the comfort food is one of the best bargains in the city. also top-notch bartending from most of the night guys (josh, of course, cedric and peter...)

          bina osteria on washington st. is one of the city's best restaurants to have opened in a long time. they do lunch, have a fabulous wine list, the space is super-cool and you can enjoy small plates there without breaking the bank.

          personally not a fan of grotto, but nearby is pierrot bistro which does a credible job for lunch and dinner with french bistro food in a very cozy room.

          also in the north end you could try daily catch, antico forno, the original il panino and taranta.

          do a board search here -- loads of info, since you're not really giving us much on what you like and what you consider "reasonable".

        2. Thanks so much for all of these suggestions, Modern pastry sounds perfect, and I am comparing all of these other restaurants now! I have been so overwhelmed trying to choose places- this is a great help!

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            Yesterday I did a piece on strolling around the North End and included a photo of Modern's chocolate dipped canoli. Also some shots of Neptune lunch.