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Jan 16, 2009 06:43 AM

Irving Mill Since The Chef Change?

I have heard that its better? Impressions?

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  1. I have been twice since the chef change. The first time I had the bavette steak. It was hideous. I couldnt chew it. Imagine shoe leather. They were nice about it, apologizing profusely and then gave me a burger. Their burgers are legit. The second time I had the crudo of fluke which was rather fishy and definetely not a crowd pleaser. Lamb and olive sausage is solid, but also not amazing. Overall, the place has nice decor and subpar food.

    1. I went a few weeks ago, and liked what I had.
      We did the small Charcoutre plate, pig's ear salad, pork toast and lamb cassoulet.
      The small plate, was great, good mix of boudin blanc and noir, pigs feet, and the salt and pepper spare ribs. The spare ribs and pig's feet where winners for me.
      The pigs ear salad was okay, nothing great. Pork toast was way too rich for me, I felt full after a half a bite, but it was a fantastic half a bite.
      The lamb cassoulet was the second best part. We split it as an entree, and they split it in the kitchen for us, nice ouch that sometimes places won't do, and the 3 prepes of lamb where very tasty.
      Beer selection could be better, or better priced, but other than that no complaints really.
      I'll be back to try the burger and definitely to eat the spare ribs again.

        1. Disappointing. Food wasn't great (although the burger was okay). Service was friendly but a disaster...took forever to get our food and servers kept telling us it was on its way ...and then ten minutes later we still didn't have it...and another ten minutes later, the same thing. Would not go back.

          1. Had a kick ass burger there about 2 weeks ago and a good bottle of wine. So on that note I enjoyed my experience!

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              Went back again for the Burger and a Beer deal. Burger was tasty, served properly cooked, but seemed a little small vs other restaurant burgers (regular martin's hamburger roll). The salt and pepper ribs weren't as good this time, much drier, and not as deeply fried. Service was okay, but we were in the bar area, so that might explain the different level of service we had.
              Overall not as good as the first time, but I think I'd try the regular dining room again.