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Jan 16, 2009 06:43 AM

Buckhead area recs

Just spent some time looking through recent posts about Atlanta restaurants, but could use some help honing in on my best choice. I'll be in town for the first time next week, arriving a day early for meetings, so have one free evening to fill. We're due to dine at Craft the next evening, not sure about Saturday. Staying in Buckhead next to Lenox Square.

I'm in the market for a local flavor, since I get to the South so seldom from way up here in Seattle. For those familiar with restaurants here, I consider local favorites to be spots like Restaurant Zoe, Steelhead Diner, Palace Kitchen, Spring Hill, Sitka & Spruce.

Having checked other posts, a couple good options seem to be Aria, Holeman & Finch and Shaun's (though this seems to be a bit of a hike from Buckhead and I won't have a car). Aria's web site doesn't post prices, curious what the range is there? Hope not to spend a bundle, entrees in $20-ish range would be great.

Any feedback on these three, or other recommendations in Buckhead area, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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  1. Just found out our Saturday dinner will be at Aria, so guess that needs to come off my Thursday list.....

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      If you want southern/local, I would do Restaurant Eugene.
      Had perhaps the best meal there I've had in Atlanta (short of Bacchanalia).

      For what it's worth, my traveling foodie friend who lives here was VERY disappointed with Craft...very overpriced for not much.

      I'd be surprised if the Aria prices are in the 20s. Maybe high 20s and 30s. Haven't been but it's on my list for a special night.

    2. Rest. Eugene and Holeman and Finch are great choices - side by side, Eugene is the formal "new Southern" restaurant and H&F is the "gastropub" type place - expect a crowd.