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Jan 16, 2009 06:40 AM

Which pizza would you rather have?

Una Pizza Napoletana, Artichoke or Lombardi's? And why? And any particular variety? I'm picking up a pie for a casual family lunch tomorrow and am wondering where I should go. Thanks!

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    1. UPN is not open for lunch. It is dinner only. The pies are small, $21 each, and you would need several pies to feed a crowd. It also doesn't travel well, either.

      Lombardi's does take out/delivery but it doesn't travel well because it tends to get soggy in the box.

      I would do Artichoke BUT only the square pie, not the round (too bready, too sweet), or the artichoke (too rich and creamy).

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        I concur with kathryn but would also throw in John's of Bleecker as still my first choice for takeout.

      2. UPN. Simply the ingredients. Artichoke is good, rather standard, upscale urban pizza. Lombardi is an imitation of something done way way way better in Naples. UPN is closer to that.

        But really, DiFara's blows them all away. But you knew that already.

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