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Jan 16, 2009 06:35 AM

"New Haven Pizza" in North Providence, RI

I passed by here the other day and they appeared to be open finally. Has anyone tried it?

- Garris
Greater City Providence Urbanism Blog

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  1. Saw your post, and excited at the possibility of a Pepe's clone, tried it over the weekend. It's pretty bad. Dry, crunchy crust with no chew and NO flavor (or salt). Sauce was too sweet. Interestingly, it actually LOOKED the part of New Haven pizza, as it was quite charred and outwardly resembled a Frank Pepe pie.

    Definite disappointment, but hey, somebody had to take one for the team. Don't bother.

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    1. re: celeriac

      Is ot really Pepe"s in Nort Prov. to bad is wasnt up to par. It doesnt make any difference Well spent money for something terrible cannot be overlooked People work hard and get served junk. thanks for the advanced heads up.

      1. re: happycook1

        at least they have a goal in mind,lets hope the reach that goal.if they acheive it,we all win!!!!it takes a little time to get up to speed,new oven,new everything really,give em another try in a few weeks and let us know.its way closer then nh,i want it to happen!

      2. re: celeriac

        "...excited at the possibility of a Pepe's clone, tried it over the weekend. It's pretty bad."

        Noooo! I wouldn't give up on them too fast, however. I would actually give them some feedback to help make them better rather than just permanently throwing in the towel. They're doing something unique and we 'hounds can help if we wish...

        - Garris
        Greater City Providence Urbanism Blog

        1. re: Garris

          I doubt very much if its the same company I am checking I didnt know Feast or Famine was closed thank god they are the sanitation records by the state of RI are horrid.

          1. re: Garris

            I don't know Garris. I wish them the best and hope they improve, but there was nothing all that unique about it to me. Unless they really overhaul it (especially the dough) it's not getting much better.

        2. I saw this place the other day and lol'd. There were people sitting outside eating pizza facing just looked funny. Well that looked funny and "New Haven apizza" when you're in North Providence, RI.

          We're in RI, not New Haven. It'd be like opening a pizza place in Virginia and calling it RI Pizza.

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          1. re: no0b

            Being from RI and living in VA, I'd love to see a place called "RI Pizza" open up here. I'd definitely give it a shot! Even better, a bakery called "RI Pizza Strips."

            Seriously, I don't see what's so funny about this name. There are pizza places with "Chicago" and "NY" in their names all over the country. "New Haven" certainly has a strong pizza connotation as well.

          2. I have been there 3 or 4 times. I think the pizza is very good! Maybe not as good as Modern in new Haven, but not much is! The place is clean, the people are nice and the pizza is very good!

            I have to say most Rhode Islanders wouldn't know a good pizza if it was hand tossed at their face! Probably explains why there are soo many bad pizza options and the fact that most love Caserta's! please.

            Here is an example....Let's take the food court at Providence Place. Pizzeria Regina , which i think had excellent pizza is gone and what is there now? Sbarro! Arguably the worst pizza i have ever had!

            I was born in Brooklyn, from parents who were lifelong New Yorker's until the move to RI. My parents were very picky about pizza, and it was always a challenge to find good pizza in RI. By the way my mom went to college in CT and always told me that New Haven had better pizza than NY, and when I finally tried Pepe's i realized that she was right! If i were to choose my favs in New Haven, it would Modern, Bar, Pepe's, I have not tried Sally's.

            enough of my pizza babble.

            Give this place a chance, give it a try. If you find it's not for you, then it is most likely not the style for you. But hey there is always Sbarro!

            please go check it out, i would hate to see another great pizza place go away because of lack of support!

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            1. re: syr94

              I *totally* agree a about Pizzerina Regina. So sad it's gone. I'll have to make the treck to North Providence to try this place out.

              BTW, curious if you've tried Pier Pizza. I know they have several locations, and I'm not sure if there is a difference between them. We frequent the one in Cranston, and think it's quite decent, especially considering the other options available in RI.

              1. re: dagwood

                I haven't tried any of the Pier Pizza locations, because I've heard mixed reviews. I will give it a try. I have heard Nero in Cranston is good, and that there is a good place in Westerly but i don't remember the name.

                1. re: syr94

                  Nero? I'm not familiar, do you know where? Unless you mean Neo. And yes, they are pretty good. We'd probably frequent them more but they're a little far for us, out in Western Cranston, off of 295.

                  1. re: dagwood

                    Yes I meant Neo. I live in providence, western cranston is a hike. Although, I may have to make the trip sometime!

                  2. re: syr94

                    "...and that there is a good place in Westerly but i don't remember the name."

                    You're probably referring to Pizza Place, which is across the street from the Public Library. It's better than good, in my opinion. I feel fortunate to live a half mile from it!

              2. I was so excited to see that a new pizza place was opening in my neighborhood. I tried New Haven in N.P. a few times and was so disappointed. At first thinking things were new and they needed time to settle in but pizza was consistently flavorless and greasy. I think I may be the only one put off by too much cheese. Maybe because it's low quality cheese. Have to resort to making my own pizza I guess....

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                1. re: girlwbigdogz

                  I'm totally with you on the too much cheese thing. My friends don't understand me!

                2. Not to subvert this post, but has anyone tried the pizza joint that opened up last year in the same block as White Electric Coffee on Westminster (the name escapes me)? I thought it was supposed to be brick oven.