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Need recommendation for an early dinner in Chelsea...

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Coming into NYC for a viewing of The Wrestler at Chelsea cinemas on 23rd St bet 7th & 8th...our friend plays an aging wrestler in this movie. Very cool! Would like to have an early
(5pm) dinner before the 7pm showing. Can anyone recommend a place that's casual and good? All cuisines considered...many thanks! Close to the theatre if possible.

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  1. I usually eat at R.U.B. when I'm in that part of Chelsea. Good barbecue, easy prices with the added bonus that they may have happy hour at that time, too.

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      We've had mixed experiences at RUB. First time, good enough to warrant a second visit. Unfortunately, not anywhere near so good that next time. Others have also posted that they've found it hit and miss.

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        Thanks JungMann! A great idea!!!

      2. il bastardo and bar baresco are on 7th right near your location. good decent priced italian.

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          I think Il Bastardo is mediocre, especially at the price point (most entrees over $20).

        2. You can also consider Socarrat Paella Bar on 19th between 7th & 8th. Needless to say, order the paella!

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            Haven't been, but would recommend it based on my experiences at La Nacional

          2. Le Zie, Rocking Horse

            1. Suenos on 17th between 8 & 9. $30 prix fix between 5-7pm. Very tasty mexican and great organic tequila selection. Highly recommend it.