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Jan 16, 2009 05:55 AM

Le Bernardin - what to order?

I'm taking my boyfriend to Le Bernardin for his birthday and am curious what some of the best options to order on the current a la carte menu are. I have searched through other posts on Le Bernardin, but mostly find a debate on the service or the value. Anybody care to make some recs or some things to avoid?

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  1. Classic dishes at Le Bernardin are: tuna tartare with fois gros, the kampachi tartare, the scallop dish, the salmon, the escolar,etc. Hard to go wrong with any dish there though.

    1. Le Bernardin is one of my favorite restaurants. I have never had anything there that wasn't absolutely marvelous. There are several "classics", but since the menu is based on what's fresh and available, there is variety on the carte, and it's all wonderful. Go without any preconceptions and see what appeals to you.

      1. FAVORITE place. You can not go wrong with one thing on the menu. enjoy!