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Jan 16, 2009 05:53 AM

Toby Young Responds to Critics

"But one of the penalties of being a well-educated Brit in America is that people are constantly accusing you of having memorised lines for the simple reason that you talk in complete sentences and — completely unheard of, this — you don’t make any grammatical mistakes."

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  1. Toby is definitely defensive. But he is also dead wrong. The lines he used are tiresome and forced, not because it is spoken in complete sentences.

    If he would just concentrate on giving concise analysis and impressions of what he is eating versus thinking up one liners that are way too long, he would do alright.

    1. What an arrogant self-righteous prig.

      Maybe he should go back to England where everyone speaks the King's English in complete sentences and doesn't make any grammatical errors -- instead of wasting his time with us stoopid yanks who don't know nothin' about talkin' good.

      It would be just fine with me.

      1. Interesting rather self serving and completely missing the point. Never heard any suggestions that he has lines written in advance. He does however seem to take great pride in the (long winded and uninteresting) lines he comes up. He skips over the point that people are really questioning his qualifications, if any, for being on the show. He assumes that he is too talented to be appreciated.

        It does strike me as odd that when asked to do a TV show he apparently made no attempts to learn any thing about it.

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          Colin in the Comments section says a lot. :-)

          I agree this entire article was totally self-serving and done to stroke his own ego. He seems incapable of realizing how he comes across. How bombastic of him to say that only Englishmen speak in complete sentences and don't make grammatical mistakes. (And yes, the use of "bombastic" was tongue-in-cheek. <g>)

          I didn't mind him as much on the 2nd show - but reading this article in Spectator has changed my opinion of him yet again.

          Toby seems to not be heeding the London tube's "Mind the Gap" messages - as there's a very large gap between what he thinks an audience wants and reality.

        2. I find amusing when a professional critic gets so bent out of shape when he is on the receiving end of criticism. Perhaps that's just one of my "chattering class" traits.