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Jan 16, 2009 05:27 AM

Vegetarian in Paris

I will be visiting Paris in a few weeks for a few days (Feb 5 - Feb 9th) and I need some restaurant suggestions. There will be two of us, but only one (me) is vegetarian. No meat or fish. Eggs and cheese are absolutely ok. I will gladly take recommendations for lunch, dinner, breakfast, and the inevitable OMG YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!

Feel free to suggest anything cheap and casual, as that will be the main focus of my eating during this trip, as my budget is quite restrained.

Now, having said this, I want to spend a little bit more on Saturday night for a special occasion. I want to have a nice dinner, with wine, for about 60 euro per head. Is this doable? Any suggestions?

As far as locations goes, I will be staying here:
15 Boulevard Jourdan
Cite Internationale Universitaire

So anything close-by is a bonus. I don't mind traveling, though. :)


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  1. Macéo comes to my mind. Use the search box and you'll find numerous comments.

    Or then, Le Soufflé, rue du Mont-Thabor, 1st arr.) or La Cigale Récamier, Rue Récamier, 7th arr., both do specialize in soufflés (salty or sweet).

    You'll have some more suggestions in this topic:

    1. Angor, try for ideas.

      1. Hi again, Angor. Sorry, my boss unexpectedly appeared. If you do a search for vegetarian restaurants on either or even on yahoo, you can find a list of places in Paris that provide the location as well as reviews from vegetarian diners. Enjoy your trip.

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          Does a search of Yahoo, or do the specialist vegetarian boards like "happycow" give any indication of the quality of the food, or are they simply lists?

          Three restaurants with English/US/NZ owners have already been mentioned - Maceo, Willies and Fish. All three have genuine vegetarian food that is well cooked and caters for someone who wants a mainstream experience.

          Maceo is the most upmarket, in a grand room with a set vegetarian menu (check their website -, Fish and Willies are wine bars, but both have vegetarian options and I recall Fish labels all such dices with a (v) on heir menu. Also, I am quite certain that these restaurants won't have slipped in some chicken stock to add flavour.

        2. Love Le Potager du Marais in the Marais.

          1. there is a new-ish place on Rue des Deux Ponts across from #10... haven't been but heard it was decent. Great neighborhood for strolling avant ou apres...