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Jan 16, 2009 05:19 AM

Duck appetizer ideas?

We're hosting a pinot noir tasting on Sunday and want to serve duck appetizers. We'll roast a whole duck on Saturday (we're eating the breast for dinner tonight), so will have the thigh and leg meat to shred and use. I have a bunch of mini-tart shells, and I'd like to figure out something using duck in those shells as finger food; something that will play well with pinot.

I'm also planning on making goat cheese/thyme/dried cherry apps in some of the shells (I have a LOT of them; my best friend loves to bake and these are leftover from the holidays; they've been in the freezer but it's time to use them up!). We'll also be serving the usual suspects; various cheeses, sliced baguettes, etc. but if you have any other particularly pinot-friendly apps suggestions, I'd appreciate those, too!

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  1. What if you tossed the shredded duck meat into some hoisin sauce? Since you're using cherry in the others, you don't want to repeat the fruit use, but you want some sweetness/saltiness. Some shredded duck in hoisin, topped with some chopped scallions, could be simple and lovely.

    Or, if you're willing to abandon the duck in tart shell idea, I've done a duck bruschetta that was really good, so you could play with the baguette that way.

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      In my mind's palate, I can sort of appreciate hoisin and pinot. I think it might be a very innovative pairing.

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        That sounds interesting....maybe a bit of arugula, too, since we'll serve these at room temp. Thanks!

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          I've done a little pancake rollup with shredded duck and hoisin sauce. Add some matchstick carrots and a bit of shredded green (romaine lettuce or bok choy). Tie the rolled up mini pancake with a chive tied in a bow.

          Fussy, but quite impressive.

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            Or duck eggrolls. We enjoy these at a nearby restaurant and the rolls are served with coconut and hoisin dips and a few slices of kiwi. Really tasty.

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              Duck springrolls are pretty popular last I heard.

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              I third this idea. Scallion pancakes with duck would be awesome. Heck, since duck is often served with (asian) pancakes, any type will do.

          2. Duck Rillettes
            This is my favorite, simple recipe and it is perfectly paired with Pinot Noir. It would also go very well with the other yummy things you are making so there is continuity.


            One of my favorite magazines as well :


            Enjoy your soiree! :)

            1. I ended up doing two different duck appetizers. We had one of the rare seared breasts leftover from dinner, so I made a red wine/shallot/butter sauce and tossed the chopped duck breast with that, then filled the pastry cups. I also sauteed some shitake mushrooms, shredded the roasted legs, and added hoisin sauce to the mixture, then filled the pastry cups and added some chopped scallions. Everything went great, and the hoisin sauce did indeed sing with pinot noir. Thanks, folks!

              1. For future reference ... if you need a duck appetizer again. I make a duck ravioli using wontons. Some duck, arugula, shallots, seasoning and goat cheese and then the ravioli is dipped in egg and then some fresh bread crumbs and pecans. I pan saute them and them serve them with a very simple orange sauce made with just marmalade and some additional flavors. They are actually very easy and don't have to be served hot, but are always a favorite. If you want the recipe just let me know.

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                  Hi kchurchill5-
                  I know its been awhile but can you send me the recipe for your duck ravioli? It sounds amazing. Thanks cakelady1

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                    That sounds amazing, I would love the recipe!!!

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                      I would love the recipe also. or

                    2. I have an idea but need help finishing it. I am making some duck confit for a duck confit pear salad I am making for my blog but I want to try using some of the duck on an appetizer. So here's what I have planned so far. I want a crostini of sort with some kind of cheese??? I'm making Thomas Keller's Tangerine-Kumquat Marmalade and I want to chop and pan fry some of the duck put it with the marmalade with cheese on top of the crostini. Do you think blue or goat cheese would work best with this. Anything else for toppings???

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                          bleu and duck does not sound appealing, but goat cheese and duck play very nicely together.

                          chopped chives or slivers of scallion, plus some black sesame seeds, for color to garnish.

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                            I'd saute some shallots in duck fat, and add it plus the goat cheese and the duck and marmalade. Sounds great! Maybe a light sprinkle of fresh thyme over top of the crostini just before serving.