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Jan 16, 2009 05:04 AM

eggs, lentils, no frittata—go

How would you combine these 2 ingredients into a ¡delicious and nutritious! dinner if you're sick of frittatas? Would love suggestions.


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  1. Spanish style - a thick lentil soup, thick enough to dent the surface of the soup and slip eggs into the dents to poach. Very traditional for Easter, IIRC.

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      Or you could make a more brothy lentil soup and whisk the eggs in, like an Italian "straciatella" soup. I recently did this with some leftover cooked rice and lentils, boxed veggie broth, onions, chard, and egg beaten with grated parmesan. Delicious and so easy and inexpensive!

      Mark Bittman also wrote about straciatella soup on his blog recently:

      When I made the soup I just beat the egg with grated parmesan and whisked it into the soup right before serving (rather than mixing some liquid with the egg first), and it turned out fine.

    2. Good timing. My dinner last night was a bed of arugula dressed with vinaigrette, a pile of lentilles de Puy in the middle, parmesan shavings, and two peeled 6-minute eggs. Bread, a nice glass of burgundy, and I was happy as a clam.

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        That sounds wonderful! I am sitting here with some gorgeous leftover lentils from last night, eggs, spinach, and a piece of naan...and now I have inspiration...THANK YOU

      2. A frequent dinner in our house is Lentils de Puy braised in red wine served with poached eggs on top.

        1. cook the lentils so they are still al dente. poach your egg in red wine, soft. serve egg over lentils with sauteed kale/chard/cabbage.

          1. 'no frittata' - hah!

            something I am working on for the blog: cook lentils as usual, either plain or with onions and add some indian seasonings if desired. pile on plates. Soft-scramble eggs and pile on top. Sprinkle with salsa and/or feta, chopped black olive, smoked paprika, or, or....