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Jan 16, 2009 04:26 AM

Jeff Ruby - Bootsy's (Cincinnati)

Has anyone tried Jeff Ruby's latest venture, Bootsy's? They have any an interesting Spanish/Latin American influenced menu. They'll even roast a whole suckling pig if given 72 hours advance notice.

I don't get downtown for dinner nearly as often as I should, but Bootsy's might cause me to make the trip.

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  1. I haven't but I came across this blog post talking about it ->.

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    1. re: angs9

      Thanks for the link. After the glowing review of Bootsy's in the Enquirer this morning, the review on the blog was a little disappointing. Perhaps they need to work out a few kinks before it's consistently good.

      1. re: ries27

        Haven't been to Bootsy's, haven't talked to anyone who has. But experience has taught me to beware acting upon those glowing Enquirer reviews.

    2. Not worth your effort. I live downtown and will not make an effort to go back.
      Service was poor. Food way over salted. Too expensive for lack of quality. The decor is cheap and garish.

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      1. re: CatRex

        I finally had the opportunity to try Bootsy's for lunch yesterday. I wasn't blow away, but I did enjoy my meal enough to return.

        I chose the Valenciana Paella (with chicken, pork, and chorizo) for my main course and their version of Tres Leches for dessert. The Tres Leches was served with pistashio ice cream and passion fruit sauce.

        It took a bit of time to get our entrees, but I found our server to be friendly and helpful. I do agree with CatRex about the decor, though. It's over-the-top, but so is the restaurant's namesake, so I guess that's the point.

        1. re: ries27

          We went to Bootsy's before a play at the Aronoff. Wasn't crowded at 7 but early for that sort of place. We planned to have some dinner, but had drinks which were very expensive ($10 for one bourbon) and made poorly so we aborted that plan. Service from one waitress was incompetent and from another fairly clueless, too. In the daylight the interiors were not attractive, either. Might be a good place to go late at night when it's dark for one drink or with someone else who is paying for drinks!