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Best Octopus (Non-Sashimi)

And the award for best octopus in a non-Japanese restaurant goes to...Anthos for its "smoked" octopus which they enlarged for me from an appetizer portion to an entree. Unbelievably good. It was like Texas barbecue meets cephalopod.

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  1. Grilled octopus & bean salad at Kefi is pretty solid


    1. Pylos has a pretty righteous grilled 'pus as well.

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        Agree Pylos' octopus is good, except for the balsamic vinegar.

      2. Esca serves a great grilled octopus with white beans and a little frisee and a touch of olive oil.

        1. Downstairs at Peasant on Elizabeth has a solid Octopus app.

          1. I really liked Babbo's octopus the last time I was there. It was very tender, but still contained the nice, crispier bits at the end of the tentacles. It was very well presented and accompanied with a vibrant green, slightly citrus-y sauce.

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                Hi City Kid,

                Thanks for retrieving the thread. I will add to the list (Babbo is my favorite), Degustation, and Belcourt.

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                  the grilled octopus at degustation is amazing

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                    Just tried Belcourt's with the cardamon carrots, mint, cilantro and jalapeno dipping sauce. Just a suction cup behind Anthos, but fantastic.

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                      I haven't been to Belcourt for a long time. I have heard that the chef was about to leave a few months ago, but didn't know how it turned out.

                2. people are clueless the best octopus is taverna kyclades in astoria or spend 22 dollars at milos when kyclades is better for a third of the price

                  1. I went to La Fonda del Sol (in MetLife Bldg) on Fri for a fabulous meal, and started out with the Pulpo (a la gallega). It was a perfect execution of the Spanish (Galician) style: olive oil, pimenton, kosher salt. Really good tapa.

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                      Falai, another for Periyali (they marinate it) and second Kyclades (see Outer Borough Board).

                    2. One more for the Octopi at Babbo.....unreal.

                      1. it ain't a traditional japanese prep but the octopus with spinach noodles at Mooncake Foods kicked ass the last time I had it (about 2 weeks ago at their midtown location); thin slices of perfectly-chewy cold octopus over greens and spinach soba or something like that, topped with a peanut sauce. incredible fresh taste and at $8, unbeatable.

                        interesting how, excluding sashimi preps, most of the picks are greek; of course! I did have an excellent octopus dish at falai in LES tho; damn good.

                        1. Shang does a very good octopus sliced paper-thin, with tomatillo and pennywort relish.

                          See this New Yorker shout-out for it: http://www.newyorker.com/arts/reviews...

                          1. The fusili with octopus and bone marrow at Marea (not a dinner-sized portion) is out of this world.

                            1. I have to agree - I went to Anthos last Friday for the 1st time and it was one of the better octopus dishes I have ever had. That and the Lamb entree were stand out dishes.