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Jan 16, 2009 03:42 AM

Best Octopus (Non-Sashimi)

And the award for best octopus in a non-Japanese restaurant goes to...Anthos for its "smoked" octopus which they enlarged for me from an appetizer portion to an entree. Unbelievably good. It was like Texas barbecue meets cephalopod.

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  1. Grilled octopus & bean salad at Kefi is pretty solid

    1. Pylos has a pretty righteous grilled 'pus as well.

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      1. re: ExFlexitarian

        Agree Pylos' octopus is good, except for the balsamic vinegar.

      2. Esca serves a great grilled octopus with white beans and a little frisee and a touch of olive oil.

        1. Downstairs at Peasant on Elizabeth has a solid Octopus app.

          1. I really liked Babbo's octopus the last time I was there. It was very tender, but still contained the nice, crispier bits at the end of the tentacles. It was very well presented and accompanied with a vibrant green, slightly citrus-y sauce.