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Jan 16, 2009 03:25 AM

GW Finns Closed

Sadly this Charlotte restaurant has closed due to the present economic downturn. We ate there Friday the 9th and it was very good with terrific service. I had previously made reservations for Restaurant Week and mid week I got an email letting me know that they had closed and the reservation was cancelled. Sad. I thought it very classy that the night before they closed everything was so good without a hint of problems. The email from them was equally classy. Last night I got an additional email letting me know if I had a gift certificate that it could be redeemed for cash through the mail. How impressive is that? I wish them success in New Orleans and hope they may return some day soon.

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  1. It is always a shame when a good restaurant closes, but I always believed they were doomed. The food was excellent but I found it overpriced and that is a terrible location for fine dining. Stick a Chili's there and it will last 20 years.

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      I think that's a bad location for any type of restaurant. That's the point on Tryon Street where people begin to grow wary of their surroundings.