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Jan 16, 2009 03:08 AM

Mind Blowing Gelato in Milan

Hi! Just looking for some input on some great places to get gelato in Milan. I have eaten at Grom in Florence like.... 1,000 times (I used to live there) and It's fabulous, and I plan on visiting the one in Milan during my visit next week. Just wondering if there were any other places that are memorable/exotic for gelato. I appreciate the suggestions!

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  1. My suggestion for memorable gelato in Milan is IL MASSIMO DEL GELATO, in my opinion, the best gelato in Milan. Massimo is the patron, Massimo Travani. I appreciate very much crema, gianduia and nocciola.
    Location is in Sempione area, close to local RAI TV studios.

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      Vidanto knows what he's talking about but the absolute best flavor at Il Massimo is pistachio, Their coconut is also mind blowing, they have an amazing spicy chocolate and canella is super intense. Here's the address: Via Castelvetro Lodovico 18.

      There's a fairly new place at Via Turati 30 called Bianco Latte which is also really good. I think it's in the same league as Grom. Enjoy your trip.

    2. Thank you so much for the input! Much appreciated!!!

      1. Is the place which has many waonderful chocolate flavors and is called Cholocatte something still open