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Jan 16, 2009 03:07 AM

Looking for Sheeps milk (raw and organic if possible), Hollywood and surrounding

Started making my own cheese and wondered if anyone knew where to get Sheeps milk I didn't find it at Whole Foods in W.Hollywood, raw and organic if possible. Thanks! Also anyone know the best place for raw organic milk? At Whole Foods it was $10 for a half gallon!

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  1. for sheep milk, I don't know, I've never seen it, for raw cow milk you can find it at the Hollywood Farmer's market, a bit cheaper than at Whole Food.

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      bad nono, how much does raw milk go for at the farmer's market? I never want to ask in case it's too expensive...and makes me feel cheap. =)

      1. re: thursday

        I haven't bought raw milk in a long, long time so I can't accurately answer, but I remember when I last bought a quart (last year but when?) it was cheaper than WH, and it was the same supplier.
        I know for sure I once bought a pint of raw cream from them and I was pleasantly surprised. it was about $6, pricey yes but WH sold a pint of raw cream for a whopping $12.99 at the time.

        You can ask them many questions, including prices, they are very nice people and they won't make you feel cheap. If you really want to make your own cheese you can try to strike a deal with them and buy the milk in large quantities.

        Now, if someone can answer the OP question about raw sheep milk, I'm very interested, and I'd love to find raw goat milk as well. I've been hoping the city would sell the milk from the goats they use for brush clearance, but so far I don't know if they do.

        1. re: thursday

          Last I checked it was $5 for a half gallon of skim, $8 for a half gallon of whole. The dairy is called "Organic Pastures" and they're at the Santa Monica market as well.

        2. re: bad nono

          So a half gallon of the raw milk at the Hollywood Farmers market is $7, which is a bit cheaper. Also found it for 9 dollars at Nature Mart on Hillhurst. All from Organic Pastures.

          Still on the lookout for Sheep's milk, maybe a middle eastern grocery? If I turn something up I'll update.

        3. Raw milk is persecuted and red-tapped to death in CA, hence the high price tag. They have an incredible hurdle to overcome. Be grateful you can buy it all; most states you can't.

          I don't know of a source for legal raw sheeps milk in LA. Keep in mind sheep produce much less milk than a cow or goat and thus when you find it will be even more expensive. This is the reason sheep's milk cheese is usually more expensive.