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Jan 16, 2009 02:18 AM

5 Days in Krakow, Poland

I'm visiting Krakow at the end of February for five days. I'd be very interested on any recommendations for a first-time visitor. I'm hoping to push the boat out on a least one night as a birthday treat. Mostly, I'm hoping to sample all that can in the time I'm visiting. Reading some of the suggestions in other threads has whetted my appetite. Would anyone have a top 5 or something similiar? With thanks in advance, Voluptua

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  1. I have been to Krakow, about 5 times in the last 4 years. and I am sending you the web site for one of the finest Restaurants in Krakow. ( The reviews are top notch, I have eaten there and many people that I have traveled with have also and highly recommend it. Also I'M sending you a site, with a lot of information on Krakow which I think you will find most interesting and helpful. Its to bad your going at such a cold time of the year, as there outside Restaurants in the summer are assume. Good luck , and I hope this information is helpful. ( Take care. Earle Ct.

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      Hi there Earle,

      Many thanks for your reply. I'd spotted Wierzynek thanks to feedback on another Chowhound thread. It's great to have this reinforcement. I'm going to book a table for two right now! Thanks also for the Cracow life link. All good wishes, Voluptua.

    2. Wierzynek is an excellent choice for traditional food in an elegant setting. You might want to contrast it with something modern. We had a great dinner at Cul de Sac. These places are not cheap, but both were quite reasonable considering how mujch we ate and drank. There are many inexpensive places around, but we did not find the food very impressive, just adequate.

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        Hi there rrems,

        Many thanks for the recommendation. I've booked both Wierzynek and Cul de Sac. I'm really looking forward to sampling from both ends of the culinary spectrum. I'll report back, hopefully with a few more gems to add. Best wishes, Voluptua

      2. I have two pieces of advice. First, I'd avoid the 'Jadlo' restaurant (can't remember the exact name) that you hear about from time to time. It is a popular peasant 'theme' restaurant that is part of a small chain. Waiters in peasant costume, etc.

        Also, when you visit the Jewish Quarter, I recommend the Restauracja Galicia, which is around the corner from the Klezmer Hois ( a very interesting experience, but quite expensive and the food is not so good). If you walk thru the front garden of KH, you'll find yourself on a busy boulevard. To your right, down the block, is RG. Here you will eat as the Poles do, not the tourists, and for local prices as well. Quite a bit different than the pretty cafes on u. Seroka.

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          Hi Steve, many thanks for the advice and the tip.

          I am originally from Nottingham in England and had the misfortune to work, for two nights only(!), when I was a student, in a Robin Hood 'themed' bar and restaurant. It was decked out with mangy pheasants and hares hanging from the walls. The customers were served copious amounts of mead (revoltingly sweet beer) at tressell tables. As you might imagine, things got very rowdy. The final indignity was that the waitresses had to dress in medieval garb, or, to be more accurate, what the owners/managers imagined was medieval. The job title on my contract said it all - 'Serving Wench'. I will be giving Jadlo a very wide berth! But I will certainly take a look in Restauracja Galicia, which is not far away from where I'll be staying. All good wishes, Voluptua

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            Thanks for the laugh! The 'themed' place (Chlopskie Jadlo) is quite popular with both tourists and locals and is mentioned favorably in almost all guide books, so it is easy to get sucked in. Plus, since there is an exotic nature to much of Krakow, the outsider might not realize at first what they are getting into.

            However, I had the great pleasure of touring the region around Krakow and Zakopane for almost three weeks, so I was able to go to some real countryside places that served the same food, but much better.

            Also, Galicia should be on the 'boulevard' Starowislna.

        2. If you want "peasant" food, Chlopskie Jadlo is the way to go. Although, I have to say, I haven't been there in the last couple of years and heard some rumors that it is not as good as it used to be (they were sold). I also heard that the previous owner opened up Polskie Jadlo, located on the Main Square, you may want to go and try it. The Polish themed restaurant I would recommend is Pod Aniolami (Grodzka St). Hawelka always seems to have some local cracovian food on the menu, and the Tetmajerowska Restaurant is one of the best in Cracow. Also Chimera (sw. Anny) but not the buffet, rather the small restaurant on the street level used to serve some wonderful old fashioned polish cuisine (which is completely different than the peasant food mentioned above). The restaurant scene in Cracow changes so fast, I simply can't keep up, so it's hard for me to suggest anything anymore...

          1. Also I'M sending you a site, with a lot of information on Krakow which I think you will find most interesting and helpful.