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Jan 15, 2009 08:58 PM

Which of these to fill in meal gaps?

le souk
La Table de Fès
le 404
chez wally
L'ami jean
La regalade
jadis, 15th
Les Diables au Thym
la ferrandaise
Chez Dumonet
Chez Denise

So, I will have 4 days with nothing to do(well, besides what I choose)save for 2 meals. That leaves 6 meals though I am sure I will fill some of that with bread, cheese and chocolate.
So, I would like to know maybe 4 of these to choose or any other recos. No more high price Mich stars, please. Value/mid priced, very good to great food, location doesn't matter much, neither do the trappings of the establishment.
I was going to do one North African/Couscous(I have never had it in Paris) but are they really great or just, THIS IS THEBEST ONE and it is decent?
Also, I was primed to do a "meat" joint, Severo, L'AOC(or wherever else I get some raves about) but reading some more about them it seems there is a fair amount of opinion saying they are not that great, merely ok or good. It is not pure hate of them so it makes me think these are legit reviews. I don't want to go if the steak ain't great. Or just tell me if there is something in particular that is great there, that is fine.
Finally, the big standards La Regalade, L'ami Jean, are they certainly worth it?

Definitely will need 1 or 2 of these for dinners, probably on the weekend and I have no problem sitting at 22-2300 hours. In fact, preference would be to places where I am not the tail end of service, receiving the cold shoulder at, what I consider, an early hour.
That said, I do not have a problem with a relatively quick meal if that is how it is done throughout the night. I only don't care to be treated differently because the staff cares to head home.

Too much good and great food in Paris, a blessing and a curse. And I am having a difficult stretch sorting and filtering it all into what I want to do(usually just a lot of research and such and it gets done but it is just not progressing properly). Don't care to screw it up, have not been in awhile.

I apologize if this was somewhat of an incoherent mess, it is been a strange day.

Thank you much if you lead me down the proper path.

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  1. We had one of the best meals of our lives at L'Ami Jean. Consider the veal chop or foie gras for good it just about made us cry. And don't skip the rice pudding, no matter how full you are. For a bottle of wine, two entrees (one for two people), ham to start and two desserts, the bill was right around 220 Euro. It was amazing. We did eat lunch there, as it is small and I can imagine get quite crowded. I think it's well worth being stuffed into a corner, though.

    1. It is a reasonable selection and a good strategy. I have not been to them all but the ones I have been are good (although mixed reviews of Jadis)

      Re the meat joints; they are French not North American, sounds obvious but if you expect a North American style steak house, style of cooking and style of meat then you may be disappointed. The French eat different cuts, from different breeds, with different ageing and feeding, and they are cooked in different ways (very rare).

      You should try Regalade or L'Ami Jean - both their reputations are well deserved. Do book late tables if you don't want to be rushed. as they turn tables 3+ times a night.

      Are the North African restaurants good? Only you can tell as it depends on your experience, but I think your strategy of seeking variety in your meals is sensible and it is worth making your own mind up (I believe Wally and 404 are the most tourist orientated).