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Jan 15, 2009 08:36 PM

Hot Chocolate heaven!!!!!

Yesterday I had been surfing the net trying to find the best hot chocolate in Montreal(Quebec, Canada) and found a few places (some I knew about already)as well as a few recipes. Well last night after all that I decided with the info I got from the net I would make my own recipe so I found out where I could find high quality cocoa at a good price and sure enough I found some extra stout?(Brute in french) dark chocolate and tonight I made the most incredible hot chocolate and could hardly finish one cup it was so rich, so if anyone wants the recipe let me know. Absolutely decadent and velvety on the tongue. Quite easy to make as well. What an experience!!!!!

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    1. Please print your hot chocolate recipe, love to make it.

      1. A splash (or two) of Grand Marnier in your thick velvety hot choc would be 7th heaven!

        1. I found that making hot chocolate with coconut milk, instead of cream, is lovely, too. :)