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Jan 15, 2009 08:01 PM

K-Town Salvidorian Food?

Hey Chow people. I've noticed going through K-town on Pico there are a lot of Salvadorian restaurants. I've never had this cuisine before and am VERY curious. Any suggestions of a place to start?

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  1. A lot of people will recommend La Pupusa Loca (on Santa Monica) or Atlacatl (a homey little sit down Salvadorean resto on Beverly) to you, and their OK but not great. Their glory years may have passed them by.

    I prefer Jaragua down the street (which I think is run by family members of the people who run Atlacatl?) It's a big airy restaurant (for a Salvadorean place) that's bright and clean with big portions, great service and parking (!) in the back . Of course get the pupusas, but I also recommend their tamales and the Ensalada drink.

    For a non-sit down meal, down the street (on Beverly, near Normandie) is Flor Blanca which is serves a lot of things. THey have booths, but the ambience and service aren't like Jaragua or Atlacatl. I've never gotten anything but the pupusas, but they are AMAZING. Mmmm. A little on the greasy side though.

    I also have t recommend a place I can't quite remember the name of. It's on the corner of Normandie (or that weird part where it's Irolo for a hot minute) and 9th and it's this little place, with, like 4 tables. The Pupusas were seriously the best I have ever had in LA. molten hot pockets of bubbly cheese, chiccharon and frijoles hot enough to burn your mouth but so good you don't care.

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      OK, that place I couldn't remember the name of is called LOS COMALES and it on 8th st and Normandie.

    2. just don't forget, salvadorean's diet do not consist of pupusas alone, when made right, yucca frita con chicharron (fried yucca root with fried pork) is good comfort food, platano frito con frijoles y crema (fried plantain with beans and cream) is also good good eating, if you like brothy soups, sopa de pata (pork feet soup) or sopa de res (beef soup) also will fill you something good, and don't forget a pan con pavo (basically a turkey torta) dressed with cabbage slaw, radish and water crest...sweet mother bless El Salvador for their food

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        Ah HA! Thank you for the suggestions. I am very excited to try a new cuisine. Oh and I LOVE papusas...though as previously mentioned I don't think anything will beat the papusas at the Hollywood farmer's market! ^_^