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Jan 15, 2009 07:16 PM

Good Eats all reruns

Is it my imagination or are all the Good Eats shows reruns, I don't think I have seen a new one in a long time.

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  1. They're half way through season 12, and are taking a mid-season break. The last original episode before hiatus aired on Dec. 1 ("Switched on Baklava") and it looks like the next original episode ("Rise of the Rhizome") will air on Jan. 19th.

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      Since they are playing 2 or 3 different episodes each day, more likely than not you will catch a rerun. Fortunately the cable listing always gives the year. I didn't pay attention to the year, but the one last night about meat pies (with the notorious Victorian barber upstairs theme) was a new one for me.

    2. Today's Ginger episode looks new.