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Jan 15, 2009 06:57 PM

BYOB in East Village???

Any ideas?

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  1. In the mood for sushi? How about Cube 63 on Clinton St. btw Rivington and Stanton. It can get pretty packed and loud because it's a small space. But the sushi is good and you can bring as much booze as you'd like.

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    1. re: ShanDeez

      glad someone brought up cube - i walked by 63 clinton the other week to try to head here for dinner and it seemed to be gone! has cube closed? i know the brooklyn location is still open. was i being blind and absent-minded, and did i just walk right by?

      i ended up going to eat-pi-sode on ludlow instead for thai food and byob (small corkage fee).

      1. re: vatl619

        I believe it's still open, though I haven't been in a month or two. The first time I went, my boyfriend and I walked right by it, too. It's a small, narrow space, on a block bustling with shops, restaurants, and various street traffic.