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Jan 15, 2009 06:52 PM

restaurant orsay in avondale

i can't beleive nobody's posted anything about this place yet! for a brief 2 and a half hour period i was in jacksonville but i was in manhattan or seattle. excellent service, drinks and food. lavender-thyme strawberry shortcake? are you kidding me? crisp, cold oysters and perfectly seared scallops. a must try in jacksonville

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  1. Yup. It's really good, isn't it?

    I haven't been posting so much lately, but Orsay (Crush resurrected, to many of us...) is a fave. First rate bistro grub and more. Recommended highly.

    Next time, finish w/ the ice creams. Heaven.

    If you were a denizen of Crush, here's the scoop. The place has been expanded and refurshed, now has a full liquor license, and is run by the chef/owner of Chew downtown. Some serious $$ went into getting this back up and running. My wife and I had a hole in our foodie heart after Crush expired, but this has filled it in nicely. Reservations recommended.

    Restaurant Orsay
    3630 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

    1. I went last night for the first time. It was a gem. In my opinion this is one of Jacksonville's best. The service was impeccable.

      The Strawberry Fields cocktail was literally one of the best cocktails I have ever had. I started with the Trois Foie Mousse – which was rich and creamy – though a little too chilled with the center being icy cold. For my main course I had the filet – cooked to perfection. However both the whipped potatoes and the side of creamed spinach were over salted for my taste. And I love salt. Regardless, the evening was incredible and I will be back.

      1. Their menu looks wonderful. Is this a comfortable place for a solo diner? Any thing on the menu you feel is a must-try? I wish I was traveling with others - the charcuterie and raw bar plates are too big for just one...I am hoping to spend the night in J-ville and this sounds perfect!

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          I went on a week night a bit late and it was fine for a solo diner. I echo the experiences already posted. The flavor combinations were perfect. Service was gracious, informative and appropriately friendly. My only complaint is I felt the serving was a bit small for the price. Quality, creativity and flavor were at the right level for the price points. I will be working this into the plans when traveling through Jacksonville!