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Jan 15, 2009 05:55 PM

which is the best chocolate based cake at Rahier?

I've had the Forest Noir- several times as well with white chocolate for functions and was impressed...anybody tried anything else - or anywhere else that is to dye for?

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  1. we prefer the cakes from Cigogne... up the street from Rahier............... :) The mocha one, the name of which escapes me, is wonderful.

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    1. re: kawarthagirl

      The Symphony at the CIgogne is reallllly good. It's dark, milk, and white chocolate mousse with a VERY refreshing raspberry puree on top. The bottom kind of reminds me of a dense chocolate rice krispie.

      1. re: kawarthagirl

        thanks..haven't been to Cigogne yet ..will try it next