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Jan 15, 2009 05:55 PM

Quezon's Coconut Jam

My first time tasting this "jam" made with coconut milk and muscovado sugar.'s the Asian Nutella! It taste like those hard candies in a barrel shape, except this is spreadable like soft caramel. Could be the bitter cold weather, but it really taste great on a piece of baquette that I normally put sweet French butter and strawberry jam...

I got mine in a Chinese grocery store in Manhattan's Chinatown, but I found a link for a picture of this. The price was the same.

do share if you have a favorite way to enjoy this.

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  1. You can find something similar in Singapore where it is known as kaya.

    Kaya toast cafes are all over the place there. Usually it's served as part of a set: kaya toast, soft boiled eggs, and coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

    1. Never heard of it but it sounds interesting. Re your french baguette what kind of butter do you use? I am obsessed with French butter. Ever tried butter with Sel de Guerande?

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        Cathodetube, In NYC I've been getting Celles Sur Belle even though there are many other choices because my roommate/sister prefers it.
        I've not tried butter with Sel de Guerande, I don't think, but will keep my eyes open.

      2. You might enjoy it on an ensaimada, the Filipino version of brioche, topped with sugar, whipped butter and grated coconut. The bread is light and buttery, and the coconut jam adds an extra layer of decadence to the treat. Frost a slice of pandan chiffon cake with it. I've also wondered if it could be used to make flan, much the same way as dulce de leche.

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          JungMann, thanks for the info. I wish I had explored more Filipino food when i was living in Sunnyside, NY where there were a cluster of Filipino restaurant/bakeries. Everything you've mentioned sound quite good, especially on a cold winter day.

          Interesting idea about flan. Sounds like a tasty experiment in the works....

          1. re: HLing

            If you live in Manhattan, you can get ensaimada at DespaƱa or Cendrillon, both in SoHo, or at a smattering of stores in the East Village.