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Jan 15, 2009 05:52 PM

Knife Sharpening in Toronto

Hi CHOWers!
After some heavy duty rotation this Holiday season, my knives need a little TLC. Where does one go to get your knife professionally sharpened in the city?


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  1. Nella is generally reputed to be the best locally, and many chefs/restaurants send their knives there. Depends on what you have though - I wouldn't send Japanese steel to them.

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      I own a Henckles Santoku that needs some work, and I'm thinking of taking my Shun Chef's Knife in as well..

    2. There have been a few posts on this subject, here's a recent one. People have had poor experiences with Nella's service.

      The best bet again is to learn to sharpen them yourself with Japanese waterstones. If that is too intimidating, the pull systems like Lansky or Edge Pro are good alternatives.