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Jan 15, 2009 05:25 PM

Best Diet Recipe Websites?

Christmas was great, but the 10 lbs I added isn't. I'm new to cooking as I usually eat out. Can anyone recommend a good website with low calorie cooking that tastes like real food? (if it exists! :)

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  1. Hi dwyld71,

    I don't know how low calorie you want to go, but the web site includes recipes from Cooking Light, among other cooking magazines. You might find some "diet" food that suits your tastebuds there.

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    1. re: eatsbread

      myrecipes would have been my first suggestion as well, specifically for the Cooking Light recipes.

      also, the website for Eating Well magazine...

      and AllRecipes has a Healthy Cooking section...

    2. I really like the recipes and ideas on the kalyn's kitchen blog. Her recipes are based on South Beach, and they are listed as phase 1, 2, or 3.

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      1. re: julseydesign

        I took a look at Kalyn's Kitchen, and I was very impressed with her take on South Beacg recipes. IMO, diets get boring and that's why foodies eventually give up on them. KK is very inspirational and after a quick perusal, there are already several things that I'd like to make...

      2. I like a lot of the recipes on the Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen blog. (I'm not vegan.)

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        1. The Mayo Clinic website offers a recipe page. Many of the recipes are adapted to special diets and lower in fats, salts, sugars. The pumpkin muffin recipe for instance is really good and produces a moist muffin with no fat.

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          1. re: HillJ

            I love the Mayo Clinic's website

            Cooking Light can be interesting if you choose wisely You mention you're new to cooking--you might enjoy their monthly kitchen clinics on various cooking techniques, too.

            Heidi Swanson's blog

            Ellie Krieger at the food network

            Epicurious, using "advanced" search for healthy and low-fat

            And, the aforementioned Eating Well


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              I was also going to point you to February's Cookbook of the Month thread , which is devoted to Sally Schneider's "A New Way of Cooking"--Schneider emphasizes "lighter" cooking techniques in this book. Schneider has a website if you want to follow along with those recipes, or, perhaps you can find her book at your local library if you want to cook along with the home cooking 'hounds. It's very fun!


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                TDQ, what a helpful list. I'm familiar with most of the sites you've mentioned but you've reminded me to take a closer look. I use to subscribe to Eating Well and 101 by Heidi is such a fabulous site. Thanks!

            2. You'll probably lose weight simply by virtue of the fact that you're eating out less! I particularly like the Eating Well website. Whatever recipes you use, pay serious attention to portion control: The servings in most restaurants are NOT normal-sized portions.