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Jan 15, 2009 05:03 PM

Sentinel New Menu

The Sentinel's menu just did a seasonal change, you can see it here - The reason I mention it is that the new smoked and fresh salmon sandwich with fennel and cucumber is the best sandwich I have ever had. It was so good I walked back three blocks to tell Dennis how good it was. Definitely worth stopping in if you are downtown during the week.

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  1. Yesterday morning I had their butternut squash muffin. While I liked the subtle squash flavor, the lack of sweetness, and the bright orange color, it was undercooked -- almost raw inside. Perhaps this is an intentional style, a hyper-moistness from lots of sour cream or something similar; their coffeecake is also moist and dairy-heavy. But the muffin seemed not just moist; it was not cooked in the middle. Or perhaps it needed time to cool so the dairy fats could solidify. Whatever the reason, it was a disappointment.

    Their chai, however, was good as ever.

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      I've never tried the morning baked goods, I will stop in sometime and see. You can always talk to Dennis about the food, you should let him know.

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        Their muffins tend to be very moist, and sometimes gooey inside. I've had the squash before and didn't think it was as undone as you describe though so perhaps they were experimenting. Also, sometimes they take one hot out of the oven for me, and those are definitely very moist inside. I like it that way though.

      2. I went with two friends for lunch on Wednesday, and we had the new veggie sandwich with swiss chard, mushrooms, and curried raisins (2) and the chicken sandwich with lemon, sesame, and chili pepper. We all agreed these may have been the best sandwiches we'd ever eaten. They turned our work frowns upside down.

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          The Sentinel
          55 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105