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Jan 15, 2009 04:18 PM

Romantic Westside Italian?

Looking for Westside, Romantic restaurant to celebrate anniversary... Love Italian food; but open to others... not too expensive...

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  1. "not too expensive" is pretty vague. perhaps if you provided an idea of the maximum you'd like to spend, including both food & wine...?

    1. for Italian, you may want to try Il Moro on Olympic, they have a nice patio dining area and the food is quite nice. While not what I would consider romantic another good Italian option is Pizzicotto in Brentwood. Food is a bit more rustic than Il Moro but good as well.

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        What about Tanino Restaurant in Westwood Village? Italian, very good food, pretty environment with attentive waiters.

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          Unless things have changed *again*, I'd skip Tanino. I used to adore this place but it went on a severe downward slide years ago when Tanino stopped working the kitchen as often as he should.

      2. Vbar at Valentino. Much more affordable menu than the restaurant.
        Via Veneto
        Il Forno on Ocean Park. Ask to sit on the left side(as you walk in) of the place.

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          i love Via Veneto, but it's certainly not "not too expensive."

          i'd say check out the menus and prices for pecorino and palmeri, both on san vicente. vincenti is nice as well, but i think probably not what you have in mind for price.

          there's also amici at san vicente and 26th - i like the feel of the exposed brick in the room.

          not westside, but you might also consider angeli caffe...

        2. Sprazzo on Westwood Blvd. is a charming and romantic little Italian restaurant with good food, inexpensive prices and you can request one of the big booths along the north wall (they actually honor this request even if they don't know you as a regular). Just south of Wilshire Blvd. across from the Borders Books (kind of at the south end of the Borders block where restaurant Soleil is).

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            I second Sprazzo. It has a really nice ambience and the food is and "not too expensive."

          2. How about the Little Door? It's a pretty romantic space....

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                OP did say they were open on the type of cuisine.