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Jan 15, 2009 02:26 PM

Tampa - great food??

I'll be in Tampa for the SuperBowl. Any suggestions for great food?
my fav foods are..
New Mexican

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    1. Eatinman, I recommend:

      1. Thai--Jasmine Thai, 13248 N. Dale Mabry Avenue, Tampa. Phone: (813) 968-1501. I recommend the Tom Yum soup with shrimp, the Thai green curry, and all the dishes with a spicy coconut milk sauce. Also, for something dessert-like, try the Thai coffee or Thai tea, which comes loaded with condensed milk.

      2. Royal Palace Thai--811 S. Howard Avenue, Tampa. (813) 258-5893. I haven't been there as many times as Jasmine Thai, but I have always been happy with whatever I had.

      3. Vietnamese--Pho Quyen, near the corner of Memorial Highway and Hillsborough Avenue.

      4. "New Mexican" I don't understand. "New Mexican" as in "from the state of New Mexico"? Probably not, but having lived in Albuquerque, I can attest to the fact that the New Mexicans do have cuisine that they consider to be unique and apart from Tex-Mex. Anyway, assuming by "New Mexican" you mean non-traditional Mexican cooking, where Mexican ingredients are used, but they are combined in ways the Mexicans may never have dreamed of (a la Rick Bayless at Topolobampo and Frontera Grill in Chicago), I would suggest Red Mesa on Fourth Street in St. Petersburg. I can't think of a Tampa "new Mexican" or "New Mexican" (if you catch my drift!) place. Red Mesa is very good. I recommend any of the fish or pork dishes.

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        1. Definitely Jasmine Thai on North Dale Mabry. Also Thai Sweet Basil just a little further north (in Northdale). Both are excellent!