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Jan 15, 2009 02:24 PM

Oriental Star in Alexandria Commons

Has anyone eaten at the Oriental Star in Alexandria? It is just down from our house, but I have not tried it yet.

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  1. I've been there many, many times over the past decade or so, as it's convenient to my office. It's fine -- nothing worth driving out of your way for, but if it's in your neighborhood, it's perfectly serviceable Chinese, very nice owners and wait staff. I've had good luck with the Beef in Garlic Sauce and Kung Pao. They have very good deals at lunch. I guess in fact this is a pan-Asian place, but go with the expectation that it's a Chinese restaurant. I've not been impressed with the Thai or Sushi offerings.

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      My experience w/ them is pretty much the same--serviceable if you're in the area, but not worth a trip there. There is one area where they're notable, though--they can substitute pretty good tofu/seitan versions of any of the meats on the menu, so if you're w/ vegetarians who are tired of eggplant with garlic sauce, it might be worth a special trip.

    2. I've eaten there a few times. Meh. Pretty much your standard Americanized boring Chinese food. If you live in the area and want to get fed it's fine. I wouldn't make a trip for it. The staff is friendly though. Truth to tell when I'm in the mood for that kind of Chinese food I'm looking for General Tso's Chicken. Whole foods does a pretty decent General Tso's chicken in their hot bar.

      1. Thanks all. When we are next in the mood for "plain old" Chinese we will check it out.

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          They actually do a fairly extensive Vegetarian menu. Basically anything they make on the "regular" menu they make vegetarian by using tofu/soy....even little tofu curly-cues to look like baby shrimp. Depends how hard up you are for good Chinese.

        2. I agree with all the previous posters. I'm vegetarian, so merely having the option of so many "vegetized" dishes keeps Oriental Star on my list. But other than variety, there's nothing going for this place. There's nothing really wrong with it, either. It's just run-of-the-mill, except for being able to get everything in a vegetarian version. But even that's not done exceptionally.

          1. Tried Oriental Star on Friday. Decent Chinese food, and will be fine when I don't feel like cooking or driving. Thanks all!